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Simple question:
I'm planning to attemp for the first time to animate a warrior. I ll need the modifiers shown in image.

Is the order correct?

For now it seems correct but I dont want to end up with an irreversible situation and have to backtrack losing work done.
For the rigidbody I use max's MassFX.
delete history on UVs

If I do so how am I going to map this?
I haven't used max in years, but as far as i remember, modifiers are just history. "delete history" may be named something else in max, but you should have the UVs flattened to the Mesh, not an active uv unwrap modifier.
The modifier stack is not history, 'delete history' is a maya thing. You never need to do anything like that in max.

If you delete something in that stack you lose all that information from your object.
If you have built something with for example several mesh edit modifiers ontop you can collapse the stack to bake it into a new subdiv level 0 geometry of that type.
Collapsing UV's makes them part of the objects hidden uv set etc.

But if you have things a skinned mesh with a 'skin' and 'morpher' modifier and collapse it, you just created a new un-rigged geometry of whatever pose your character was in on that frame.
>But if you have things a skinned mesh with a 'skin' and 'morpher' modifier and collapse it,

I wasn't suggesting you collapse the skin and morpher obviously. hence why i specified UVs.

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