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Hey /3/, as I'm new to modelling, I'm looking forth to specific advice...

Not sure how to say this, but call me a newfag if you care to choose so, but I've been trying to look for the best model file maker to make 3d models for warcraft 3, as I want to make a representation for a character of mine, in a 3d form in which I could suit her for some spells that I'd like to attribute to her,

I've tried blender, but I have only gotten limited amount of options on knowledge on to get a body to operate, but is there a good enough tool that's advised that's free for Warcraft 3 model creation or editing?

Pic related, my character I'd like to make a 3D model of, but I don't know exactly where to start for making human characters.

"there is no one program that is better than the rest" was mentioned in the sticky, but I want to look more to see if there's a program that can match blender or the ones in the sticky as well for Warcraft 3
There is nothing "for warcraft 3". it doesn't matter what you model in. There is no program that is somehow going to make anything easier because you intend to import it to Warcraft 3.
Blender or Maya are your best options.
if you intend to model texture rig and animate a character those are your best choices.

OP here...

I'm pretty much good at coloring a model file, but rigging and animating the model is a thing that's pretty much new for me.

I tried blender, but not Maya, does Maya cost money for usage? I just looked at Maya two seconds ago and after a Google search it seems like it could make a good 3D model, I'll just need to use the references of my character available for the model and then start.

Any advice on animation though?
whats the point of animating warcraft 3 models when someone else (a professional) has already animated them?
you can simply make rigs in mixamo and animation in source film maker, you don't really need maya
>whats the point of animating warcraft 3 models when someone else (a professional) has already animated them?

Perhaps the anon is being like all old-school and shit and is trying to actually learn how to do something for himself?
I know that must sound so fucking weird and 'non-dank' to you but back in the days that's how we used to roll if we wanted to become 'beast'.

True, some may argue it's a weird thing, but wasn't there anyone around in Warcraft 3 who made their own model files for Warcraft 3?
Take a look at the Warcraft III Art Tools section over at:

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