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Hypothetical scenario /3/;

If I were to devote my time to, and become skilled in Architectural Visualization, is there a good salary and job stability for someone like me in Australia?

I've really enjoyed making designs in hammer for source over the last decade, but found it a bit constraining given the timely and convoluted MDL compile methods involved in getting one custom assett in the game, so I was almost wondering whether to go full arch vis and do it for work.

Pic not mine, just a random image I saved from here not too long ago.
archviz is the most common job in 3d field (far as i know)
you can expand on that and learn product design,3d printing etc etc
do you like to animate? try that too because i think far as job prospects goes animators have more opportunities
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I don't mind animating, but I'm not as enthusiastic about it. The only experience I have in that area is making and animating weapons for Source mods in the 2000s.

I'm definitely keen to get into 3d printing though, but I have no idea what I'd actually build. Perhaps custom cosplay parts for cosplayers?
there isn't a complete list but id imagine it would be something like:

simulations of mechanical parts and informational stuff (animation)
3d printing
vfx (commercials,intros,animation centered)

this is the list for anything that isn't games and film

now as for 3d printing id imagine people need to clothing accessories,door stops,replacing broken things,keychains etc.
and you like it you can expand to solidworks

I work in the arch viz industry. Not in Australia though but hey.

It's a stable salary with permanent contracts , interesting work, you get to work very closely with architects and interior designers and freelancing on top of that you can make bank.

If you want to do it I'd say go for it, though I've seen a lot of a push for rt stuff, twinfusion, unreal and lumion seem most prominent so the game might change in the near future.
Thanks for the input.

I had no idea Unreal was becoming big in that area, but I do have experience with UE4, may spend some time in it and see what I can come up with.

Mexican here
I used to work rendering 3d models for Victoria Secret long time ago.

I used to make:
- the floor plans
- furniture plans
- finishing plans
- 3d models of the whole place
- including textures and all that stuff
all architectural visualization work

I got paid at most $11,000MXN per month, and I already change the currency on the internet and it says it's about $825 AUS. Can you live earning that per month?
I don't really know how expensive is to live in australia
File: n4gRG2M.jpg (48 KB, 1080x371)
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$825 AUD per month would not be livable. Living costs are usually around $2000+ per month:

$320 per week / $1280 per month on rent
$200 per fortnight / $400 per month on goceries
$80-160 per week for medication (My chemotherapy medication is crazy expensive, an antiemetic called Ondansetron)

Electricity is generally around $1000 per quarter, although I have a water tank which means basically free water if I don't use it all.
>$80-160 per week for medication (My chemotherapy medication is crazy expensive, an antiemetic called Ondansetron)

Sorry about that bro ;_; hope you get better.

Wow $2000 AUS per month in Mexico it's quite a lot.
That's what a project manager earns for doing a lot of work.
Mexico has the worst salaries around the globe on any career.
UDG architecture student here.

Jesus Christ buddy, all that for $11,000 a month?! how long ago was this? I got 2 years before I graduate and that pay seems way too fucking low for that amount of work.
You could live in $2000 a month but you would be able to afford much. $4000aud would be more reasonable.
I just hope that you get cannabis with your chemotherapy.

Universidad de Guadalajara?

If yes, then... Yep m8, be a renderist it one of the lowest positions ever I think the very lowest Job Position it's being a CAD Drafter, anyone can do a 2d plan in AutoCAD. For tops you may get $7,000 - $10,000

The second worst paid it's being a renderist... Since anyone can make a 3D model in SketchUp. You can get per month $12,000 - $18,000

The next huge step it's to be a project manager but they will hire just people above 27-28 years old with 5 or more years of experience. And giving him per month $18,000 - $25,000

And after that all experience you can apply for being a Construction Manager, and it seems fair now. You can get per month at least $35,000 - $60,000.
me puedes dar algunos tips?
estudiante de arq

Sorry m80 i got banned for bane posting...

>Empieza como cadista cualquier constructora >crea muchos amigos y contactos
>Trabaja tambien por fuera en tus tiempos libres
>ahorra todo el dinero que puedas

es todo
Hungarian anon here.
>have BSc in Architecture
>one semester left to get MSc in Architecture
>beginner architect's salary is about 500$/month average, after a year it can climb up to an amazing 700$, construction workers earn more than that
>corruption and bureaucracy
>beginners spend their first years listing toilet specifications and shit 10+ hours/day

So I decided I'll go for archviz. I'm a top student, good at architectural design, but don't want to wreck myself.
I'm already good in ArchiCAD (shitty hungarian BIM software, whole country uses this, because "nem beszélek angolul")
I worked for a year+ with Rhino, have some RhinoCAM skills too, can basically model anything in that.
Know the basics of Grasshoper (parametric Rhino plugin)
Learned vray for Rhino, useless shit, good for quick almost-photorealistic renders.
Now I've started learning 3ds, trough lynda.com courses. After Rhino I'm a bit confused about modeling, but I'll have to get used to it I guess. Most of the modeling is done in ArchiShit around here I guess, but I'd like to start from the basics.
I get my MSc degree in next february, I want to learn and practice like an absolute madman, build a portfolio, and after graduation start working at an archviz company. Maybe do interior design (I'll have a license for that) and product design, but nothing that involves sucking a local politician's cock for building approvals. Sorry for the long post, 5 years of university made me hate this whole fucking system.
So, any of you pro archviz guys have protips for me?

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