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So, do people still use low poly assets in game dev? I'm incredibly new to modeling and really enjoy geometric low poly modeling, so far. Is there still a place in the industry for that?
Hey, if your shit looks good and you want to make your own game then go ahead.

I don't really think anybody here is actually in any computer graphics industry, so yeah.
yes, there is.
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AAA company artist here
Low poly is still a thing, especially for mobile games and stylized stuff (usually cartoon). So yeah, if you enjoy it, go for it, there's always demand! From what I see on your picture I'm not sure your topology is good though, you really have to be creative and efficient. Look for this kind of stuff on google/behance/artstation
pretty olg games bruh. does still have its uses for things like rts and mobile games though. indie too perhaps
What size texture are you suppose to use with low poly models?
paint on high resolution then scale it down
the final output should be somewhere between 256 and 512
Technically and aesthetically, low-poly assets are still in demand today.
Aesthetically because M-MUH RETRO LOOK devs and more commonly slightly lazier 3D who are comfortable with low-poly assets than others (also cheaper depending)
Technical-wise would be due to hardware, mobile games or generally anything running on slower devices require less demanding assets, and certain aspects of games such as having thousands of characters on screen at a time, for example, would best have more optimized and lower-poly assets
That is not to say that they won't be using high-poly assets, but chances are there's going to be a low-poly asset for when it's far enough or out of focus to ensure SILKY SMOOTH performance
But really, just go to any studio that isn't strictly cinematic and low-poly will come to play one way or another
low-poly is still used for mobile

also Level of Detail models, unless you're gonna be a lazy fuck and just use a modifier that will decimate the model for you
>low-poly is still used for mobile
you can literally use vulkan on mobile now. Even retarded epic made a mobile engine with vulkan. Low poly on mobile is literally ded and buried

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