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Any of you fags selling shit on Unity store/Unreal /Whatever?
I'm pretty handy with landscapes, so I was thinking maybe I could earn a little extra.
How much $ have you made, if any?
Got any examples? Maybe you're just feeling good about your own models while they're actually shit.
Don't have anything right now, was a while since I dabbed in this. But I can definitely match something like this:
Not even hard, maybe 35 hours work for that entire pack. Which is why I was surprised at the price that was selling at, and it got me wondering if it could actually be worth spending some time on it.

Of course if I suck I'll just find out by not being able to sell anything. I'm mainly interested in how much money you can actually make producing average quality stuff for stores like that.
>Not baby face

Whoever made that should be ashamed of themselves.
File: rRaG8in.png (349 KB, 626x461)
349 KB
349 KB PNG

>fag takes down and strips guy that looks 5x stronger than him
>rapes him and tickle his feet

what the fuck is this world anymore
Baby face got stale years ago newfag, it's just that gachimuchi casuals on western chans keep posting the same 10 year old shit over and over.
This is directly from Nico Nico.
Not rape if he laughs

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