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Good day everyone,
I hope this isn't too sophomoric a question, but I'm trying to set up a simple light box in Blender. Purpose is to create some baked UV layers to utilize for creating more more effective textures. I'm having a great deal of difficulty following the guides and youtube videos searched through google, was hoping one of you could point out what I'm doing incorrectly.

So, in Blender Render mode, I'm able to get a factory-default bake just fine. My scene currently has one sun, an object, and a plane underneath. However, I want to lighten the pitch black bottom with some sort of reflection from a ground.

Image attached is what I'm currently looking at. Do you see any steps I've missed when switching from the basic Blender Render to Cycles Render?
I would suggest setting up a fresh scene in Cycles.

I've noticed that Blender sometimes has got problems when you switch between Blender Internal and Cycles, especially with materials, causing the program to crash.

I've tried to set up the same scene in Cycles and I had no problems with baking.
In Blender Internal: Add a hemisphere light and turn it upside down, set it to 1/10th of the sunlight's strength.

In Cycles: Just add the sunlight, light bounces will do the rest.

Cycles will give you more realism out of the box while Internal will give you more control over how it will look. Always depends on what you want to do.

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