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Let's say I wanted to create assets for the purpose of putting them in a game with Create-a-Character. I don't plan on using body or face sliders/morphers ingame, but I would like to use switchable clothes that can be used across a variety of body types.
How should I go about doing this? Are there any resources or information on good methods to create assets for a Create-a-Character system?

Games like fallout and elder scrolls have a uv mapped base mesh that can be made into an endo morph meso morph etc. High poly data is projected onto the uv map so the muscular model looks like Arnold and the skinny one is ottermode.

Skin tight outfits are the same principle. Props are skinwrapped onto the base meshes. Some programming will have to be involved depending on the complexity.

Look through skyrims files to get a better understanding of it.
>base mesh that can be made into an endo morph meso morph
Is there anything special you need to do to when creating the mesh to make sure that body/clothing deforms right?

Either way, I'll look into those Skyrim files. Thanks for the response anon.
not op but follow up question. Could this same thing be accomplished with blend shapes?
Maps, deformers and displacements.

Failing that, meshswapping.
well talk to a programmer first. be sure to aim for a specific engine. I created a weapon for dota 2 and a set also. It was easy compared to creating exchangeable parts in unity. In unity paint the skin weights of every single cloth/armor/watever into the same skeleton then export it in FBX. once you are in unity the programmer can make a script to select the part he want to show or hide. high hills is a bitch. so if you want to use it make sure all the shoes have high hills or you will need to mess with the bones inside unity that will be problematic due heel rotation. I never used UE3 so i cant help with that. the script is not that hard to create in unity. with 6 months programming in unity i was able to do it.
fuck. i think i need to explain this a lil better:
the workflow to unity :
in your program of choice add all parts to the same skeleton (i dont know if its possible to add new parts later without attaching it to the same model). So all present and future parts will have to be added and weighted into the same skeleton or this will not work. Export to fbx and you will have it working. i have an exemple here. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/25031127/presentation/build.html models are not mine, just the transparent shirt. i just painted the weights (it was a bitch) and added a script i found to make the tits bounce. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/25031127/presentation/build.html the script to change the models (i had to modify the model reel rotation on unity and then clone the model so i can use the high reel shoe) and cloth is also mine.
not op but cheers for this.

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