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I'm new to 3d and I've been making an insect model. I've sculpted in some details on the eyes in ZBrush and created a high poly mesh and then baked a normal map onto a low poly mesh in xNormal.
The problem I'm having is that the normal map does not reflect properly: on mesh A, with a standard material applied, the light reflects dead centre of the eye, but when the normal map is applied, it reflects at the top right of the eye rather than the centre. Does anyone know what might be causing this?
i think light bounce off normals so its simply not an issue.
make a specular map to control that
Notice the shadow on B and lack of on A. The light is pointed in different directions.
I said in the OP that the light was placed in the same location, yet the shadows and reflections are located in different areas.
Post your normal map, it looks like its base values are off. Pick a color in an area that's supposed to be flat, if it's not near 127/127/255 (0.5,0.5,1) it's off.
Here it is senpai
Doesn't look like it's off. Did you change the normals of you object's vertices?
No. I made the mesh in Maya, and then subdivided it twice. Then I took the model into ZBrush and sculpted in at SD level 6. Exported that as an .obj, then used xnormal to bake the normal map onto the original mesh.
Then I have no idea what's causing this, sorry.
No worries, thanks for replying

Did you create a specular map to tell it where to place the highlight. Try the model In marmoset, I find the 3d programs bad for previewing normal maps.
No specular map, but I tried it out in UE4 and it works fine. Fucking Maya viewport.

This thread is now closed.
Was literally talking shit about Maya 30 seconds ago for this exact reason

Use Modo scrub

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