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File: metal reflections.png (562 KB, 684x693)
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I want to get into real-time rendering and need some good metal reflections.
So I ran a quick test with a preset material from substance painter and roughly the same simple lighting settings in Unreal and unity.
In Unreal engine it looks so blurry and wet while unity delivers a nice, crisp material.

Is UE really this crappy for metal reflections? I don't want to use unity because it seems like a puzzle, for which every piece has to be purchased by itself.

Does it have something to do with the metalness workflow. Did you use the relevant exporters for each program.
as >>524073 said, substance painter has its own export option for unreal
also, i have had issues with unreal having blurry or watered out colours.. this fixed it for me
Preset unity export for unity

Standard export for UE because they let you plug in your maps from whatever channels you like
File: Untitled.png (141 KB, 788x635)
141 KB
141 KB PNG
like this?

just makes the whole thing really dark
id also out in 2 nodes one for eac directly into the metallic specular, and just try some numbers inbetween 0 and 1

im not really sure, i just recently started playing with the material editor myself
hmm. none of the values are working for me. could you provide me with a screenshot of a proper metal setup?
File: Untitled.png (366 KB, 478x635)
366 KB
366 KB PNG
Did a new export with the unreal preset and the power nodes. Now the colors seem right - thanks, anon

However the reflections still have this blurry feel to it. I mean, even a perfectly smooth/metal sphere has this issue
File: 1456180036042.png (132 KB, 350x418)
132 KB
132 KB PNG
>Waaaa my presets dont work in my babby engine and i dont know how to adjust anything because waaaaa
please read the last 2 sentences of my last post, maybe you can add something more useful to this baby engine thread
Realize that ultimately Unreal is the better engine because Unity is locked in many areas of its source code, while Unreal is completely open to be modded out and changed to any degree because it's open source. The difference here is that for what it's worth, both engines have good rendering but from what I've seen UE4 is better at graphics than Unity. From creating examples of arch vis in both, Unity can't achieve what Unreal can out of the theoretical box.
>it's open source.
Well, technically its not actually open source, you just have access to the source code, but you have no right to distribute a game with a modified engine, without a specific contract with epic, which is not provided for free.
File: 1459981541162.jpg (36 KB, 500x371)
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side question

if i want to make assets to sell in spare time on unity or unreal, which is the best to focus on first?
File: 1457643643159.gif (2.23 MB, 320x384)
2.23 MB
2.23 MB GIF
Yeah incase you haven't noticed UE4 is aimed at more professional devs who know the difference between sRGB and RGB.

That and ofcourse it will look shit if you don't even try and tweak it, if you seriously think unity is for high level fidelity good on you, shame that no serious developer ever has made a non-over-stylized game in it.

I get so mad at you trolls for some reason.
Why not both? Unity has the better Marketplace because of open acceptance, and not voting and decision for your asset, like Unreal.

Except you can, it's in their EULA even, where you can sell games with modified source code of your own doing, or sell modified source code or plugins to other UE4 developers/users. You cannot however sell source code to outsiders, so to speak. More or less, Unreal Engine 4 is open source and has minimal restrictions. Why the hell do you think they made it open source in the first place for? Modded Source Code games are what they expected, just not the distribution of any source code to outsiders.

"The only parts of the Unreal Engine you can’t release to the general public are the source code and tools or modifications to them; these components may only be distributed to other licensees with access to the same version of the Unreal Engine. "

But the thing is that even if it's open source, the code that they've published there can only be used WITH propriety code of their tools. They have literally just published the engine, but not the rest of the tools and editors that usually come with it. Until someone comes up with their own suite based on this open engine, I doubt it's of much use.
Except that's not the case. We've made a module like many other people in the UE4 engine which benefit us very well. We're working on a better rendering system and we've created a plugin which allows us to use World Machine tiles in XYZ format, and not just Z format, which basic Unreal Engine only operates in. It can be useful for explorable planets with more accuracy than procedurality.

AHR also uses the engine source code which another user is making, which creates real GI and lighting. There are dozens of real applicable plugins on the forums that seem to make development easier or create an aspect the base code doesn't have. You're not giving enough credit here as UE4 is working for its intended purpose. They supplied almost everything needed, if not everything. The same cannot be said for Unity.
yeah i was intending to do both but i mean, i have very little experience with either so i know im gonna have to put hours into both of them to make sure models are optimized for the program so i dont have issues like OP

ill start with unity though, thanks
Anon, don't reply to the unemployed australian; he's got to take his TAFFE classes in an hour
>Until someone comes up with their own suite based on this open engine, I doubt it's of much use.
More or less the case of every FLOSS engine.
REAL content creation tools are super rare.
>REAL content creation tools are super rare.
define REAL vs real vs fake
File: __3__building.jpg (105 KB, 1024x1024)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
Its mostly real versus non existing.
I.E Call of Duty's map making tool & hammer is non existing tools, which only really do import. They can't create content, content often is created in 3D editors and exported.

Versus something like Gamemaker, Warcraft 3 World Editor, and others.
Those tools are allow for massive scripting, to be used in shortcomings of importing models. Things like tile editors is common too, and creating materials on the fly.

I.E something like Cube/Sauerbraten/Red Eclipse is a toy. It doesn't really allow any freedom, and its basically a in engine per tile setter. You can't actually use it to create complex geometry, and scripting has to be done in a external text editor.
You can't rig in engine either, you basically have to import anything of note, and set the models next to each other, while also creating some geometry basic terrain.
>I.E Call of Duty's map making tool & hammer is non existing tools, which only really do import. They can't create content, content often is created in 3D editors and exported.
they make maps..."million copy game selling" maps.
Given enough time, you can make anything with a hammer and a nail.
That doesn't mean you want to use that instead of some specialized tools like saws, to build stuff.

3D tools is a lot like that. Something as basic as creating turning tile maps into geometry is pretty basic for insane benefits.
Importing to even get started is shit. Quality and ease of use is also imported, which is why something like Dota 2 has a failed map editor when contrasted to World Editor(which was used to make Dota 1, and shitloads of other very distinct maps)

Anon, a 3D editor is poweful for 3D. Its not powerful once you have to create lots of unique repeating shapes. Or when you have to manually make LOD models.
>Something as basic as creating turning tile maps into geometry is pretty basic for insane benefits.
doesnt sound that "insane", sounds masturbatory if you ask me. You want to sell a million copies you need good maps, game code, netcode, not visuals so much

>Dota 2
Dota / mobas are timewasting games where you dont even have a chance if you play solo.
>You want to sell a million copies you need good maps, game code, netcode, not visuals so much
You need gameplay, a mechanic, and some character models.
And some levels.
Beyond that, it can be 100% bought from asset stores, it doesn't matter. But there is a good chance you have to create some OC in animation or textures somewhere.

Game mechanic > Levels > Levels of visuals >Visual clarity > Quality of graphics
If spawning a MOB and setting up LOD is a piece of shit, it will cripple the content creation.
Half the reason we see so many Unreal/Unity/Game Maker games is that those tools allow some freedom without needing to do everything 100% in external programs.
and the other 50%?
Hey I'd love to see some arch viZ done in unreal. I tried it briefly.

Do you do large areas or single house?
Most of my work is with resorts/hotels so I find myself using twinmotion
in UE4, Turn off temporal AA in the editor settings. i think its under renderer.

Jesus fuck, I've been wondering why everything was so blurry after upgrading to 4.12. Thanks anon.

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