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I use Maya if that helps.
I'd use a box and sphereify it a couple of times, not sure what the function was called in maya though, then i'd start extruding to get the basic shape, then i'd make holes for the leathery parts, and make the grip from separate parts.
This looks to all be made from one part, which isn't very good.
literally the first thing I ever modelled, I did it by using a tube as a base for the middle and pushing verts around to get the general shape, and cutting a sphere in half and jointing each half to the ends of the tube to make the round things.
File: sword.jpg (97 KB, 1271x694)
97 KB
basically what I mean is this: the red parts you make by pushing verts around with something like the proportional editing tool, the blue is just a sphere cut in half with the verts joined to the tube. Obviously this is a shit model but it's just to illustrate what I mean. Oh and throw a subdivision surface modifier on to make it smoother, don't start off with this high of a polycount. I'm a blenderfag so can't help you with the specific commands, but if blender can do it then maya can too.
> the red parts you make by pushing verts around with something like the proportional editing tool

That is how not to create this part.
Start by extruding and tapering / relaxing the extrusion.
That example has far more loops than you should work with to create the basic shape.
that's because I applied a subsurf to it, the base model had maybe 2 or 3 in that area, and another 2 for the handle curve
If you just want the basic shape of it without details, do what >>524316
says. just box model it, it's easy enough.

If it were me and I wanted all the details, I'd just use hard surface sculpting. Trying to box model that would be a pain.

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