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Wondering how you go about making these referenced duplication processes faster
For example, translating multiple objects at the same time, or in a particular pattern

Also if anyone knows about selecting in patterns as well it would be great if you could explain it for me
You can use "duplicate special" to apply modifications to the copies. For instance you can add 1 to the x axis and set the copies to 10. All the copies will be +1 down the x axis
I'm wondering how to do this with referenced objects
A duplicate of a reference is still a reference to the original object. And dupe special has a "copy is instance" option.
>A duplicate of a reference is still a reference to the original object
Wait this might not be true. But in either case you can set up rules in dupe special and you can generate instances with it too.
if i dupe a referenced object, the duplicated object does not change when i change the source file
ah o i misunderstood.

I just tested this. You can make "instances" of objects which always replicate their source object. Import one reference object and then make instances of the reference. If you change the reference file it will propagate through all the instances in the final scene. You make instances by clicking the option box next to Edit>Duplicate Special
Instancing via replicator calls using verts?

Vertmap should prolly do it idk

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