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Thinking of buying quixel suite 2 and not sure if it would work with my portable version of photoshop CS6. Has anyone had any trouble with it?
Why are you buying it for a pirate version of photoshop though.
well ive been using the portable one for years as a student
Do you think they will ever remove it from photoshop? Having to rent photoshop off adobe just to use quixel is very annoying.
I reward a good company for good business and pricing practice and punish a bad company for bad business and bad pricing practice.

Let me rephrase that: I want to support Quixel. Quixel deserve my money. Adobe don't need my money: their product is mature and they are assholes.

I don't want to give my money to assholes.

But I do want to give my money to heroes.

Quixel are heroes.
they won't remove it.
Portable versions are sometimes problematic with plugins. Depends on the individual portable version.
Should work in theory.
Doesn't work on the portable versions of any ps
It doesn't work, I wasted a lot of time trying. Good thing I didn't decide to purchase it, I would have, but as you said Adobe are cunts.
Do you guys reckon that Quixel could be utilized for film production?
I'm not talking High-Budget level filmmaking, more like HD/2K workflows, not even necessarily for hero-assets.

It's 40% off right now and 80 bucks for a neat, little timesaver doesn't sound so bad.

it doesnt. just pirate the full version and it works fine

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