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File: 1463771881095.jpg (67 KB, 480x600)
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So if one wanted to make models in this style, which includes the lighting going on, which shader would I be concentrating mostly on? At first, it looked like your basic rendering settings you get when you output it in 3d max, but there's some details going on I can't get by default.
directional light with global illumination it seems

the mats should be basic diffuse, seems like to have standard specular on the characters
the bubbles are translucent ior shader
if you actually sit on your ass and learn it it won't be too hard.

the there is a light falloff that go through a small meshes to create the downpour lightning, which is essentially directional light with light falloff
maybe there is some color correction going on too
File: selfilum.jpg (279 KB, 1249x817)
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Looks like they might be using falloff as self illumination. It's a classic trick to make renders look more globally illuminated dirt cheap.

Made pic related as example, teapot is lit by a single red light, the rest of the light is emitted from the object itself making it look like it's receiving light from the environment. Today you'd use IBL for a better version of this type effect, but if you want it cartoony or retro looking this works.
File: litfromabove trick.jpg (230 KB, 1249x817)
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Since the light is usually coming from above, and the floor is bellow darkening out the underside it's also useful to let self-ilum solutions like these have a 'lit from above bias'. Pic related again demonstrates. Experiment with that and you probably find your look, also as you can see this effect can display in max's real-time viewport these days.
DELETE THIS we have generals for a reason.!
And what reason is that anon, because we are a board that moves at like 5 threads a day on a good day? Is it really a tremendous problem for /3/ if a new thread 404's withing 2 months??

Give the Op a break, jeez...
Sorta irrelevant post, but might interest someone.

The guy behind that promotional Banjo render (and most early Rareware games like DKC) is Steven Mayles. He's on Twitter as @winkysteve and occasionally answers questions. He might have some insight.

I think for the modeling aspect, these renders were made with ATLAS (a long dead 3D app, now probably part of Autodesk) and NURBS.
>these renders were made with ATLAS
Well now I'm curious! I can't find anything on this software, do you have anything about it?
eventually it don't matter
newer render = more features

the artist probably had little to work with and he did a great job
File: CPrZMPbUcAA2j96.jpg (57 KB, 1024x697)
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That's cause I remembered the software name wrong. Apologises.

The software is actually called Alias. I was however correct in thinking it was snatched up by Autodesk, so it still exists but is probably nothing like it was 20 years ago - http://www.autodesk.com/products/alias-products/free-trial

As for hardware, they used Silicon Graphic machines.

Working within constraints makes the best creativity. Surprisingly some N64 models got up to 1K polys in cut scenes (at least in BK)

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