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I was just finished with it, and I polished it up a bit, extending the frames to slow it down. Made a new playblast, exported a .dae, and when I go to touch up a few more things in her animation, it collapses like in pic related.

When I check her HumanIK, I notice her bones seem to be missing.

I would go back, but because I was "finished" I had just made a save after exporting the .dae, and now it's stuck like this.
Unless you know a thing or two about rigging you're likely better off starting over.

One way for you to save your work is to check the original file, and recreate the missing joints. If the missing joints were animated you'd have to redo those parts.

You could also export the animations from the broken file and import them in a clean file. But again, if the missing joints were animated you'd have to redo them.
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Well, I've pretty much gone through the 5 stages of grief at this point and accepted I'll have to redo it.

Luckily I have the clips and some screencaps so replicating ut shouldn't be too bad.

Any idea what caused this so I can avoid it from happening again in the future?

Did maya glitch up, or did I fuck up somewhere. I'm very much a newbie to the world of 3D, so I'm still learning the ropes on everything.

Also, on the subject of rigging, how difficult is it exactly? I've heard it's very time consuming, but I've never attempted it myself.

I suppose I'll also ask here since I have a few doubts. I gotta make this character a new model, since not only is her current one very ugly, but it's also got a lot of triangles, which leads to many distortions. Also, her proportions are off.

Initially, I was gonna sculpt her in zBrush straight up, but that was quite the difficult task, as the program is complex. After doing some reading and learning. I've decided to model her in Maya first, and then detail in zBrush.

Would that be the ideal pipeline for a fighting game character?

Second, this one is a bit confusing for me, but the model she currently has is split into various parts. Her legs, are seperare from her torso, as are her arms from her shirt, and her hair is like 7 objects. Personally, I was planning to model her in layers, her body below, and then stacking all her clothes on top. However, when I looked through the files of other Smash characters, I noticed that many were constructed similarly. Why is this? Easier to rig? I thought that having a complete model would make it easier during animation, and avoid frames where you can see the seperation.

So should I model her in segments or in layers?

Sorry if this is dumb question, I literally am a total rookie when it comes to 3D, I come from 2D.
hello PMCC
I will try to answer as many questions as i can.

"Did maya glitch up, or did I fuck up somewhere"
you prolly fucked up son.
Why many people dislike rigging is because they do not know the software good enough too know if they fucked up or not and when they fuck up they blame the software. Sure i'm not saying maya is perfect and never crashes but many crashes that people encounter can be attributed to user error.

"Any idea what caused this so I can avoid it from happening again in the future?"
This one is hard. It can be several things really. when looking at your humanIk windows it looks like the hips controller is missing so it might have been deleted. Why?, i don't know. Also you should probably turn on incremental saves, saved my ass several times. What it does is that every time you ctrl+s it creates a new file instead of overwriting the old so you can always go back if you have encountered weird stuff.

"Also, on the subject of rigging, how difficult is it exactly? I've heard it's very time consuming, but I've never attempted it myself."
It requires a pretty good understanding of how the program works and some basic understanding what to do and not to do. You can create a shitty rig that works fine for a while with low understanding but when that rig breaks there's a big chance that you cannot fix it. Or maybe the rig does not do what you need it too do etc etc. However.. HumanIK (I do not like how humanIK works in maya btw) has made rigging in maya alot easier. Atleast if you want to make something fast that works pretty good.

"Would that be the ideal pipeline for a fighting game character?"
I would say there is no ideal pipline for creating a character.
Some people like too start out in zbrush, some like too start with the base mesh
in maya or max and then move too zbrush. As long as what you do is good anything

about the stacking thing and smash.
Why smash a lot of characters are designed the same way it might be because it's faster too rig or they have a base mesh that they start from. Can be many different reasons.

When modeling your character having a base is quite nice too have when doing stuff on top. So if your doing a shirt for your character it is nice too have a body that is underneath when modelling. However. That body is not needed when your character goes in the game. Only the visible parts need too be exported too the game engine.

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