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When I started to learn 3d modeling at age 15, I used Blender solely because it was the smallest download size and it would run on the shitty laptop I owned at the time. Now I'm 19 and I need to use 3ds Max for a Uni course.
I have found a couple of online resources that teach Blender to 3ds Max users, but I couldn't find any for the other way around. Does anyone here know of one? Or at least a 3ds Max tutorial that is more focused on teaching the program itself to 3d modelers? Every max tutorial I have found is either for complete 3d modeling beginners or Maya users.
why not work with blender?
For most of my classes I can and do use Blender. But because the lectures insist that 3ds Max is an industry standard. For one specific class we HAVE to use 3ds Max. This is also because a subject the following semester requires us to only use Maya.
talk to your teacher about it.
i mean, are you animating or what?
>talk to your teacher about it
It's non-negotiable for that one class. If I could just use Blender and didn't need to learn 3ds Max, I wouldn't have made the thread anon.
well that's stupid, what can i say
you are pretty much fucked
What are you even talking about? I just need to learn how to efficiently use 3ds Max before next semester in July.

I made this thread because I'm looking for a tutorial that literally just teaches the software. Not one of the hundreds of 3ds Max tutorials for modeling beginers.
Picking up max is very straight forward. Inside max click "Help" and you are immediatly presented with complete 3ds max reference manual
as well as introductory 'Essential skills movies' 'How-to movies' and 'learning paths'.

Just go true the introduction movieas. If you already know blender well none of the concepts in 3D will be alien to you
and all you have to do is learn how to seek the reference for the max equivalent of what you wanna do.

The generally powerful RTFM approach is especially strong in max because it is a very well documented software.
Holy shit thank you. Honestly after relying on forums for open-source software and youtube tutorials for so long. I legitimately forgot that pay-to-use software has decent manuals.

Thanks anon!

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