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File: ugly_headphones.jpg (587 KB, 4000x4000)
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587 KB JPG
Ok, /3/, here's a job for you. This is basically a whoever wants to do it type of job. It's not really a job, just a quick modelling type of thing. Let's see who can design the best stainless steel headphones in 15 minutes, that's the rule, you have only 15 minutes, we don't need materials. Just model it as fast as you can, here's what I did in exactly 15 mins. I couldn't even mirror it properly, but it doesn't matter. It was a fun 15 minutes activity. Do you, anon, have the balls to do the same and post your results? Anyway, I'm a shitty modeler, so let's see what /3/ can do. You can work on the concept as long as you like, but the modelling part must be 15 minutes, there's no point in lying, this is a contest for yourself, not to prove to us that you're better. Let's go!
File: ugly_headphones2.jpg (684 KB, 4000x4000)
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684 KB JPG
File: 2016-05-19 11_37_01.png (246 KB, 1653x588)
246 KB
246 KB PNG
15 minutes
Op here, looks like /3/ is full of ballless fags.

File: hadpones.png (807 KB, 745x717)
807 KB
807 KB PNG
Best I could do in 15, render time not included.
cool, are the headphones supposed to rotate, or it just looks like that?

for the other people of /3/,
they are supposed to rotate.

also calling /3/ bitches, pussies, ect. to make them do this challenge is retarded.
more like
1. can't be bothered
2. people who can't model for shit
File: qhead.jpg (93 KB, 1928x1048)
93 KB
OP you do realise glacial melt is faster than /3/ right? Please allow 5 working days for the post to arrive.
i've seen it go very fast
that only happens during arguments, lurk more fagget.
>anon trying desperately to get people to do his design work for him by berating them
Top kek
File: Headphones.png (126 KB, 744x821)
126 KB
126 KB PNG
15 mins
C-come on fags do my homework
File: 1234.jpg (30 KB, 925x626)
30 KB
sketchup 10mins
was doing headphones before I came on to /3/
filled with dismay as I see the qualities
literally flattened 2 UV spheres and added a curve
>design work
>doing anything proper in 15 minutes
just admit you're lazy, fag

samefag or not, you're both autists

very good

op here, I like those ones the most right now, I don't know if its on purpose, but they have an original design, they remind me of a stethoscope, although I'm not sure the point where the tubes connect with the headphones is manufacturable from stainless steel.

I'm not familiar with ketchup, but if its anything like sw, the arc is impressive for ten minutes.

So, see anons, you're that bad at modelling if you can come up with a passable model in 15 minutes. Maybe we should have those exercises weekly, share your opinions. I mean yes, we don't follow the dogma like other autism forums and force ourselves to do shit we ultimately will hate or will lose too much time into to care. But I think the 15 min model challenge once weekly has potential to it, maybe add 15 minutes of thinking about modelling the model before that, cause even though I'm happy with what you've put out, I don't think any of you got the concept of stainless steel headphones, except this guy >>523512
>although I'm not sure the point where the tubes connect with the headphones is manufacturable from stainless steel
Yeah when I modelled it I imagined it working as a sort of ball & socket joint to give the cans some movement.

I tried to start a sculpting challenge to improve skills in the last year and was told to fuck off.

Like most of the other boards on 4chan this place is filled with masochistic people wallowing in misery.

So good luck with that.
meh just do it anyway, you care what some anons think of you on an anon board?

if just one person replies with their cool original take on a design then i think its a success
File: headphones.png (14 KB, 522x401)
14 KB
managed to get the preview material to look chrome but idk how to get it to work on the headphones itself.
Normals are inverted, that's why it looks funky.

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