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What steps do people usually go through for making characters for importing into games.

Like for instance do they make them in 3dsmax/maya/blender and "skin" them with something like zbrush

Or do they just create the character in zbrush.
There are many different processes utilized depending on the specific artist/studio.

Usually it goes something like this:

> create concept art > create high geometry > retopolgize high geometry into low geometry > test rig and refine low geometry until valid > bake high geo onto low > create textures.

Persoanlly I do it like this.

> create concept art > create proxy shape of character > cut it up much like in >>523153 > refine resulting skeleton several times until it supports compelete motionrange>
Find a pose midway trough the motion range where joints are bent at a resting angle > work out and rig geometry that can deform flawlessly across the entire motionrange of each joint >
> generate base for high geometry based on shape of resulting proxy > send to sculpting software and sculpt details > retopologize the high geometry into low > skin wrap resulting lowpoly to already skinned proxy>
clean up and adjust for any remaining weighting issues> bake textures > create additional textures send to game engine >
realize all bones points in the wrong direction because of axis order inversion conversion > flip table > have a smoke if at work, rage fap if at home > start correcting.
I like it, I rage fap at c all the time, I've been trying to build my own game for years and It's high time I got rid of the placeholder assets.

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