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I really need Photoshop on my home PC, and I want to learn zbrush, but I'm too pussy to pirate them in fear of getting caught. I'm only in high school, so there's no way I'd be able to afford such things. Another fear of mine is getting a virus from pirating things. And yeah, I know "pirating is stealing". Although that is true, I would never monetize anything with software I didn't pay for.
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Where do you live ? Whatever, I think there is 0 chance of you getting caught.

Get photoshop and Zbrush on CGPersia (there are direct download links if you are afraid of torrents). Also, look at tutorials and training on cgpersia if you really want to improve (it will be better than youtube)

Also : you can sculpt with Blender. Gimp or Krita are free and opensource alternatives to photoshop
Try free and open-source solution like : blender and gimp
I've been pirating PS since I was in middle school or something, don't worry about it. And I have had a pirated copy of zbrush for a while. Yes, it's not legal, but it's not like you would be making commercial content anyways... and as a high scooler you have no money. In my point of view just do whatever it takes to improve. That's what I did and now I pay for more of what I use, although if I literally paid for everything I couldn't afford it. Even studios pirate lol

You don't generally get viruses from pirating unless you're stupid. Check comments, if tons of people are downloading it it's probably fine. You might get a false positive from your antivirus if you come across a keygen, that doesn't mean it's a virus though.

And if you really don't want to, you can use free software, you'd learn the same fundamentals.
It's about ~0%. Have you ever heard of Adobe or pixologic or anyone going after a basement dweller kid? Do you know how bad that would make them look?

And yes you really are a pussy anon. Cracker groups that make the cracks for these products have a lot of scene cred riding on what they do.
They don't fucking insert any viruses unless you grab like a torrent with like 2 seeds and 38 negative comments uploaded by RusskiepuskyAssRape123.

Also the bulk of all paying customers that know these software inside out started out as pirates. It's like an unspoken rule of software piracy that you don't use it for commercial work.
If you think a youngster without any $$$ installing expensive software he couldn't affort in order to learn operating it is theft, you need to have your head examined.
I checked out CGPersia, and all the download links take me to filesharing sites that require premium accounts. Am I looking in the wrong places?
You don't need a premium account, use the "slow","free" download

http://cgpersia . com/2016/01/adobe-photoshop-cc-2015-16-1-2-win-64-86797.html

Here for example take the 5 parts (the rapidgator and nitroflare links seems to works). Then you will have to unzip the whole shit. Then you read the readme.txt
I'm fucking dumb, didn't notice that. So I download all 5 parts? Or is each part the same as the others?
all 5 parts
Thanks for the help, dawg. Wish me luck.
if you feel paranoid about pirating, get a decent firewall and block all outgoing traffic from these downloaded programs.
Naw man. Don't do it.
>>523366 (OP)
>I really need Photoshop on my home PC, and I want to learn zbrush, but I'm too pussy to pirate them in fear of getting caught

I spent almost a decade in advertising before moving to marketing and did so many copyright campaigns... I kinda feel proud of myself after reading your post. You people are clay on our hands... especially since I never bought a single piece of software in over 30 years I've been using computers. It's hilarious that people like you still exist in this world... makes everything soooo much easier.

Just use a VPN, OP.
softwares be pirated or not first you lounch them do send request for updates to company of software no use say since people get ideas for these shits from they very best mate know a shit about between two joints

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