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I have a character that has multiple outfits needed. I'm just wondering how games like DOA or tekken get away with the geometry of the clothes never intersecting.

What I usually do is copy the weights of of my subject's nude skincluster on the clothes, but even then you still get some artifacts on certain poses, as photoed.

What is the least tedious way to deal with these inevitable intersections??
do a physics simulation and then bake the results
Probably a component driven deformation. So a skeleton drives the nude mesh and then the vertices of the nude mesh drives the geometry of the bathing suits.
intersections happen because the interpolated surface of the faces may be crossed by an underlying vertex whose coordinates aren't the same as said interpolated value. The simplest way to avoid that, used by DoA, is to have the topology of the tight areas of the clothes replicate the underlying topology exactly and use the same weights as the underlying vertices (or the underlying interpolated point).

In other words, if you want a skin tight bikini, starting with a naked body, you can copy the body mesh, expand it a tiny bit, then "cut" the bikini from it. But don't retopo it or you'll lose the point matches. If you do it correctly it's mathematically guaranteed that intersections between skin and cloth won't happen, bar z buffer precision problems.
Another solution is to have an alpha map simply make the parts of the body mesh hidden by clothes transparent.
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In games you have multiple versions of the 'nude' version. Like if the character is wearing jeans and T-shirt you have rigged version that lacks any torso or lower body.
If character is wearing a suit, you have a mesh that only features neck and hands from the nude skin and so on and so forth.
Pic related is an example from GTA V where a glitch has caused the shirt not to render revealing the underlying mesh.
Doing it that way is sloppy since it'll have you calculate a lot of unnecessary weighted vertices.
If there is just one character around you can shrug and say "who cares?" but if there are bunch of them walking around that stuff builds up to a point where it'll start hurting performance.
It can also interfere with shadow casting depending on what type of solution you're running causing any clipping invisible geometry to cause artifacts on the clothes on top.
looks like a ps2 game

They call that geographing in Daz studio, but it's usually mean to attach new anatomy to an existing figure.
stop using that shit
Nothing in GTA V looks very stunning when viewed in isolation, but the effect when you move around in the world and stand back and look at it's sprawling detail is really something else.
It remains the most impressive game world I have ever seen due to it's immense scale without relying on any repetitious instantiated reuse of content.
The abundance of unique true to life details makes it feel like visiting an actual place in a sense that no other open world game have yet succeeded in.

View some PC gameplay footage on youtube and you'll get a sense of what makes it stand out.
it looks like ass, mate. Hell, they even have a ps3 version meaning the other versions dont really deviate all that much besides moar pp
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I don't know what kind of device this bs3 u blabbering about is, I'm of the PC gaming master race.

Fuck off.
looks billboardy and uncanny. Dropped.
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yeah it's sloppy, but it's also much easier. IDK what OP's project is, but he's got a nice selection of effective solutions to choose from.
geografting you faggot

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