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File: aaaaaaaaaaaarggggggh.jpg (192 KB, 965x961)
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uv mapping problem here. i created a model that i intend to use in a game engine. it's a pretty complicated object. when i unwrapped it i ednded up with pic related. many of those islands could easily overlap. is there a way that i could automatically snap whole islands together in a non messy way? how do you even clean a layout like that, with lots of islands?

i'm using blnder. maybe there are some addons that could help me handle complicated uvs?

>He used blender
show the model

also when unwrapping a big model never unwrap everything at once
File: model.jpg (67 KB, 830x752)
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>show the model
pic related. i got it separated into a couple of objects. exterior, interior and furnishing are different objects
siemka pl

anyway, you really did fuck up by choosing blender as your tool, your model is looking pretty damn good, but imo blender has some of the worst and unintuitive UV tools, my only advice would be to get some other software or dig the net for plugins.
File: 1463161981736.jpg (99 KB, 830x752)
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i see few problems with unwrapping this model

first of all it have alot of faces thats needed to be unwrapped like the logo details and the wood detail, those details are reserved to normal maps because they are too difficult to unwrap

would be pretty hard to unwrap & texture this model even if you had normal maps because seams can't marked properly when there are so many edges

i like the model and i think it can be unwrapped but you will have to do plenty of work to retopo/bake/UV it all over again

i think the model is nice tho, nice blockout
search for a call of duty/AAA game like an interior or a cabin and see the wireframe to see where geometry and normal maps come into play
you don't know what you are talking about, he smart use smart uv project which resize your islands to some parts too small and some parts too big
I could barely understand your sentence, part of it being that its gibberish, the other than english is not my first language.

anyway, what I was on about is that blender has problems with unwrapping even simplest of the models, during the time when I REALLY wanted to use blender I had problems with unwrapping simple things like wooden crates stacked on top of eachother, for some reason blender liked to skew and twist rectangular shapes instead of separating edges properly, and I had to do a lot of manual work.

and in terms of resizing islands so they are different sizes, iirc in blender there is "average island size" option that scales whatever you have selected so it has same pixel density, if thats what you were on about.
i had unwrapping objects in the start because my seams were shit but over time i managed to get good unwraps

so your crates/cubes whatever went out shitty, i unwrapped more complex models than that because i learned how to arrange my uv's and how to approach it properly
so what exactly are you on about?
are you going medieval on me because I have dared to insult your favorite piece of software?
no, what im saying is that if you have difficulties unwrapping a cube/crate in blender your argument barely holds water because i know for a fact me and other people manage to unwrap models in blender that are more complex

i agree that the normal unwrapping have problems unwrapping things that aren't symmetrical and it sometimes gives 2 symmetrical seams odd shapes but its not something you can't fix

Why does this shit need to be an addon. This is a basic tool in most other 3d programs.
File: see_pic.jpg (101 KB, 830x752)
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2 solutions:

1 >Split object into separate pieces
For example: the cash register, shelves, sign etc can be separate objects (which would allow you to reuse them elsewhere too).

2 >Use multiple UV maps
Blender supports multiple UV channels & up to 4 channels can be imported into UE4 per model. This allows you split up texture details into separate channels (e.g.: wood on ch 0, sign on ch 1 etc).
Downside is more drawcalls.

Another tip that >>522639 mentioned is the use of normal maps to fake high frequency detail like the bezel on the sign and those cuts(?) in the wood panels (see pic). I would recommend baking that detail to a normal map and making those areas flat.

Hope this helps.
Judging from all the post in this thread none of you fuckers can speak English and are all insulting each other, it's pretty hilarious.
File: model.jpg (1.4 MB, 3500x3500)
1.4 MB
1.4 MB JPG
no siema. before i decided to stick with blender i tried pretty much every single 3d modeling software in existence. i actually stuck with c4d for like a year or so, but i was always drawn to blender despite its flaws. max, maya or modo just weren't for me

i guess you must be right. i really wanted my model to look complex and detaild while still being low poly enough for a game engine. it looks like i sort of went over the top with the geometry

i'm gonna try baking those heavier pieace of geometry to a normal map and use more flat surfaces and see how it goes. but imo this model only looks so high poly because of resolution of me previous screenshot. so in pic related a high res viewport render with wireframe taken from ortho view

BTW i recorded a fly through of my model if anyone want's to take a look and share some more insight http:// sendvid. com/ tfpi51g4 (hope the link works)

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