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Why /3/ is such a shit place for Newcomers, Porn Makers, And SFM animators ??
Your picture explains it quite well.
1. Your work is shit and you get butt hurt when told so
2. This is a blue board
3.SFM has had decent threads, you are just a retard.
4. This place is fine once you get past the trolls
5. so shut the fuck up and get off this website because 4 chan is +18
1. fucking with other peoples models is something anyone can do, so there is no point in asking critique or opinion about it

2.porn is just pandering, and everyone knows that. so if you make porn or have half naked animu girls as part of your art it only means you can't produce quality art without it or too scared what others may say
/3/ is full of shitty idiots, and anyone who's actually interested in 3D will just hike their ass over to a better community like polycount

Any of the people we do have that are half good seem to just lurk and keep quiet most of the time I've found. There's such a heavy concentration of bad, that there's no community here for anyone who's skills stand up a bit more. Then those people go to polycount

people can always go to the /3/ discord.

we keep the stupid to a minimum and actually help each other.

/3/ hates porn because /3/ is populated by autistic NEETs that never learned how to deal with sexuality.
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>1. fucking with other peoples models is something anyone can do, so there is no point in asking critique or opinion about it
>I don't know what animators in the industry actually do
>I think every production house uses generalists only
>I'm a massive faggot please rape my face
no; it's because we don't want the board overrun with nothing but porn SFM garbage. i love nudity, i love sexuality, i love porn (hell, i draw porn), but there's a time and place for it. absolutely i think the board should allow nudity as it's an important port of understanding the human figure, but allowing porn would ruin the board. i mean, look at what happened to /gif/. it wasn't intended to be exclusively a porn board but that's what it quickly became

So you're saying we're bigger idiots than 2D artists who somehow manage to make /ic/ work. Sounds like you're agreeing that /3/ are a bunch of NEETs with no self control that would flood the board with SFM garbage.
Wouldn't SFM be showcasing talent. It would get it off the other boards and make this place more relevant.
its not the same thing, daz/sfm is more automatic,drawing is not so there is more potential for dumping/flooding.

i agree that this needs to be a NSFW section
>it's too damn slow
>because it's too slow, it's open to more random shitposts by crossboarders who want to feel like le epic trolle
>no one ever reads the sticky
>and if they do, they only read the first post and never look at the tutorials
>AND when they do read the tuts, that means less discussion in /3/, resulting in a slower board
/3/ is doomed no matter what. And the only reason /ic/ is a shit ton more popular is because it's much easier to pick up a pencil than a modeling program (the modeling itself is actually pretty easy to learn, but they'll never know that).

Just have a single Porn General thread that the porn guys could dump to and this will allow anatomy to be posted in the other threads without the SFM fags shitting this board up and without the mods dropping inconsistent bans on people (ie. post a tutorial on making a vagina and you beg banned, post a tutorial on making a penis and you don't).

The mods aren't listening to us anyway. I don't know how many people have left feedback yet requesing this be made a red board but it's clear they're not going to do anything about it.
everyone here is a new comer with an opinion.
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/3/ is shit because you cant find a decent argument on here. its just greetexting and opinion spouting.
>Go on /3/
>Find a wip thread
>People post in progress models, rigs, and renders
>Everyone shits on it
>"You're using C4D? Why not Maya?"
>"Why are you using Maya? Use Blender?"
>"You're using Blender? Do yourself a favor and learn C4D or Maya"
>People constantly wanting NSFW models for SFM
>Any talk of the industry is how you'll never get into it
>Any talk about other CGI FX interest groups like SIGGRAPH is shit on

This board is hell.
No, it's honest, if you want praises go and post on some shitty artists site.


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