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how much money can I make of making a low poly animu original OVA?

As much money as you can make making a low poly animu original OVA.
Well, no one is going to invest in you're unknown and have no track record. So let's scratch that possibility.

Your only other option at that point is ad revenue, most likely from having your video youtube.

If you're using simple shaders etc, you won't have to worry about a render farm assuming the PC you are using isn't complete shit. Otherwise you'll have to pay for that.

You'll also have to pay for any software licenses since you using them commercially. So either work with free programs or factor that into your cost.

You'll need someone to compose music for you.
You'll need a foley artist.
You'll need voice actors.

Granted you COULD do all these things yourself, but you'll need the equipment to do so, otherwise your work will look/sound like shit & will never go viral in any shape or form.

And you pretty much NEED to have your video go viral, because otherwise there is no way an unknown youtube channel is going to make any money at all.

Then you have to factor in time, and wether or not making this will help you in the future. If you spend 6 months making something presentable, could you have been using your time in another way?

Minimum wage is $10/hr where I live. Estimate how many hours you'll spend making this + the cost of everything involved & then ask yourself if you honestly think you'll make that cash back in ad revenue.

Not saying don't do it, but I wouldn't expect to make anything off it realistically.
You mean like RWBY? It all boils down to how appealing your Chinese cartoon girls are. This is the law of all anime.

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