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Hey everyone! I recently extracted the game files from uncharted 3 such as maps, models, sounds, etc. I need them because I'm an animator, and I've always wanted to animate uncharted, since it's one of my favorite games hehe. But the models and maps and such, are all in .pak's. I do not know how to extract or open the .pak's since when I try to use winRAR, it says unknown format or damaged. So winRAR doesn't work for me. I tried using pakexplorer, but that didn't work either. I made this post, to ask you guys if you know any softwares that do work to extract .pak's.
Thanks and have a great day :)

Uncharted 3? Do you mean 4.
If not the models are already on xnalara deviant art
Are the originals on xnalara DA? if so, then perfect, but if theyre remakes, its not the ones im looking for though. I was hoping to open these .pak's and use the originals


It's the original Drake. Sorry I confused uncharted with the last of us so that's all that's available. Maybe ask the guy how he extracted it. He probably used an extractor from xentax.
alright thanks

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