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File: Wearable_Dance_Pole_2.jpg (31 KB, 460x345)
31 KB
Where the hell can I find motion captures(BVH) of sexual acts? It doesn't need to be free.

The only thing I can find are stripper dances. I'm talking about actual fucking.
If you want I can fuck your mom and we'll mocap it.
File: BWAHAHAHAHA.png (10 KB, 231x218)
10 KB
BWAHAHAHAHA, good luck with that.
Illusion software has recently released another sexy beach with motion capture data... of the girls WALKING AROUND, the fucking were all hand animated, as always.
Or either you get your girlfriend getting up in the ass on mocap, or you´ll have to keyframe the whole thing by hand. I know i´ll have to do it on my upcoming hentai game.
> ur mum
jesus christ this guy is everywhere
I could make them for you. I got a Perception Neuron mocap suit. What kind of acts do you need done? Do you need mostly thrusting moves or girl getting done? How much money are we talking about?
File: felipe o medonho.jpg (28 KB, 502x451)
28 KB
>How much money are we talking about?
Aren't there any cheap kinect motiondetect-like systems you could exploit to get a rough animation?
HEY! This is serious business! How much? I got the equipment(mocap suit), you got a need. Let's do this!
I only know of a couple. One is the Perception Neuron, and the other is PrioVR. The PrioVR hasn't shipped yet though. That one goes for about $1,200 for an 18 sensor suit while the Perception Neuron goes for $999 for an 18 sensor suit or $1,499 for a 32 sensor suit with finger capture. I know there is a few more out there but I honestly don't remember much about them.

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