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Hey /3/, quick question. I do 3d models for commission sometimes and my clients very often want me to make sculpts of characters from images that were drawn by other artists.

Am I asking for trouble by doing this or is it acceptable as the client never said anything to me about the intellectual property belonging to someone else?
I think you and your client will be in trouble separately.
You, can model any artists work for personal use but you can't sell others designs for money
Your client, doesn't have the right to redistribute, sell or put it to commercial use for something he commissioned you to do it, if it's someone elses design.
An automated system might send a cease and desist to whatever you're hosting your lewd animations / images of Mickey Mouse on (and that might be enough for your host's automated system to automatically take your shit down), but they aren't going to come after you in a real way unless you're selling a Mickey Mouse porn DVD

Now if someone else takes your mickey mouse futa model and makes a short with it, Disney will go after them, and if your name is in the credits, I guess they'll include you in the legal action, but generally speaking as a little guy your risk is little

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