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I would love to know why this is happening.

So first came to my attention when I tried to make a very basic road texture in coreldraw. A black rectangle with two white lines on either end and two yellow lines in the middle.
I exported all as a jpeg then tried to map it in 3ds max and for some reason only the yellow was showing up. I played with the UVs and it just seemed like for some reason the black and white were not appearing on the 3ds max diffuse.

Confused, I made a random jpeg with a bunch of colours and again seems like only the blacks/greys/whites dont appear in the 3ds max view or render.

I know this is probably a real simple solution thing but its bugging me and I'm new.
File: Road Diffuse.jpg (48 KB, 1024x512)
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here is the original road i tried to use in 3ds max, but only the yellow lines would appear
Look up unwrapping tutorials.
In the picture you going to have to rotate the uvs or scale them down on the x axis. I don't what you are talking about in regards to the road though

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