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>pic unrelated

I'm looking for a career change. I'm a cinematographer. Award winning, better than many. But I am anti-social as fuck. I can't network to save my life, literally.

I was looking at 3D animation for a while. I've noticed 3D animation jobs tend to have clients come to you, rather than the other way around. I also wanted to do something design oriented. As a result, I was thinking about doing jewelry design. I used to do this a while ago for fun as prop preparations. I figured if I learned how to do that, get a 3D printer for wax molding, and hired out someone to make it, I could make a better living.

Does this sound plausible?

What software would you recommend for this? I'm new to 3D animation other than a little bit of C4D. I found "Matrix" but am not sure if that is some kind of plug-in for CAD or what.


If you want to see if you like jewellery start by making wax then attach a feeder and cup then make a plaster cylinder around that and you can pour liquid silver in that. Then just melt it and start another one to save money. Way cheaper than any other way to do it. Can even make your own centrifuge if you want
>I'm a cinematographer. Award winning, better than many.
for jewelry design, a lot of people use Rhinoceros, rhinoceros+zbrush, or rhinogold
If you want to design jewerly, you probably would want to sculpt it, real jewerly isn't made by machines. If you were to mold this after that, many programs will let you do that, even for gold/silver, etc.
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work 4 hours 3 times in week in the call center as a balance to my 3d job. MORE SOCIABILITY cant be given. additionally its awesome place to find figures or characters for your monster sculpting.
Just go to a big shopping mall if you need inspiration for humanoid monsters.
No, I wish to remain anonymous on this site.

I'll give that a shot first. I was thinking 3-D printing would be faster and give that commercial "ooooh aaaaah" factor for clients. Also, I'm not sure how skilled I'd be at jewelry since I'm stepping out of my boundaries. But I can at least give this a shot for fun and practice. I'll try this.

Thanks. I was already looking at Zbrush so I'm happy I'm in the right area.

I was hoping to have a jewel smith help me with this if I wasn't able to do it myself. And I would use the 3D printer to mold a wax model so I can create a dummy mold for the client. I also would like to keep all my molds for the clients as a guarantee of service for them in the event they lose it or damage it. I can do this digitally each time, I suppose, but in my experience, when a client touches something, they attach to it better. But yes, I will definitely have these made by hand once the design is finalized.
>Also, I'm not sure how skilled I'd be at jewelry since I'm stepping out of my boundaries. But I can at least give this a shot for fun and practice. I'll try this.

One question. Are you confident in doing CAD? Jewelry design requires accuracy down to the millimeter, you will need to know that and then some, I won't get into the other nuances as bezel types, stone shapes, sizes etc.

I'd suggest learning how to bench jewel alongside CAD. Personally it's a pain in the ass, but if you are new it will make you understand why certain designs need to be a certain way. After all the 3D printing, milling, casting it'll still go through several other peoples hands to finish it, hence being a bench jeweler as well gives you added job security.

I work in a jewelry company run by a luddite owner, so I can talk all the technical gibberish to so I can take my time and enjoy faking half the day. Most places you can't get away from that usually.
How do you get into cinematography? I'm interested in that. Like directing specifically.

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