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File: error.png (416 KB, 1241x833)
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Can someone help me to solve this error?

I already put near 200 track points on the video and don't know why still it gives me this error.
reading comprehension/10
I know it needs 8 track points between frames, but I already put over 200 around the video.

still can't find which frames are the ones that have less than 8.
press a on markers window press track reconstruct solve camera
check 3d view
refine track at that image has a cross into feature tracks
create a camera at 3d view solve camera is under track reconstruct ion 3dmarkers tu a mesh easy check also right from your video-title has moviestrip-curves-keys - select want amount tracks refine refines tracks but feature get
add tracks
It's asking you to do two (2) different things, retard. like I said reading comprehension/10, try using your brain and understand what is it saying
OP here.
can someone give me an screenshot, you're ussing buzzwords and broken english.
I can't understand.

like I said, can you help me or are u keep insulting me?

I already told you I put near 200 track points over the video, I don't know what are the frames that lack the 8 tracks needed.
is "At least 8 COMMON tracks on BOTH keyframes are NEEDED" broken english for you as well?
left you has the solve tab dunot be there tab but track tab youre not yet at solve-tab
also looks non of youre trakcs is selected
I don't use blender to track, but what this means is at frame 238 all your tracks lose the pixels they are tracking (as shown by the red color paths). The tracker needs at least 8 usable tracks to move on from frame 238 onwards to create the solve.
i don`t have a blender but in kitchen
add features at frames
You are using Blender.
Come on guys, none of your suggestions works.

I already fucking told you.
I had put over 200 tracks on the video, I reviewed every fucking frame and I counted every fucking frame, I counted every frame active trackers that shares more than the last 2 frames and on every frame there's more than 8 trackers that shares more than one previous and after frames.

I already put near 200 frames on all the video.
can't put anymore because the screen is filled with them and I can't see shit and I can't think of any more important dots on the video to track.

Can you at least be helpfull and spoonfed a retarded taco that doesn't speak nativelly english with some coherent post that isn't memes or buzzwords, like if you were speaking like a normal person?
You wouldn't get the error if you did it right you fucking idiot.
Guys you can't be falling for this right?

I mean he didn't even try stackoverflow.
would you like to explain it then?

some people lack the proper knowledge, we're not magical beings where the knowlegde magically appear in their brains.
File: Sin título.png (457 KB, 1440x900)
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>pirate boujou
>finish the word in one hour
>realize blender is a meme
wew lads

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