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In 3d modeling for human characters, how big should the head be? The average human head is 9 inches long, from chin to top of the head. But on video games what should it be? Bigger? Smaller?

This character is supposed to be 5'11

For reference.
relative to the head, the head should be roughly one head big.
I hear the human body is 7 1/2 heads tall. What should this be for human video game characters?
7 1/2 videogames tall

But honestly, it depends. What sort of camera perspective are you using? I can't think of a reason why your proportions would change too much unless you were doing something top-down. Generally the scale of your entire model relative to the environments is going to be a lot more important.
Im doing a lot of preliminary artwork and I was curious because a lot of cartoons or comics or Art envolve a smaller head compared to the body, usually 8 or 9 heads tall compared to the 7 1/2 head tall. Can someone help me and tell me how many heads tall the character in my pic related, mason is?
You just make the head as big as you normally would, I don't see or have ever experienced a reasion to make special video game proportions to realistic human models. I can tell you that heads don't grow much respective to body height. This means that small guys have big heads and big guys have small heads (compared to the body height, in reality their heads are about the same size) This way you can also guess height of people on TV, emphasis on guess because there are allways variations.

The guys feet in OPs picture kinda look way too small and almost comical compared to his burly upper body and arms.

I only know that you want your world/level geometry about 1.5 X times bigger than your player, otherwise your world feels small and crammed. I can't tell you the reason why this is like this, but it is.
You're right.. I'll do the head size as a standard 9 inch, and i'll divide based on their height. BTW you ever play spiderman the movie game 3? The world is new york, but its huuuuuge compared to the player, it feels like real human sized, unlike spiderman 2 or gta 4 or 5
Like 7-7.5 heads tall for realistic everyday kinda person, 8 for tall graceful heroic/model looking people. Up to almost 9 for comic book hero type effect anatomy.

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