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File: Rubiks Cube5c.jpg (2.44 MB, 3340x2660)
2.44 MB
2.44 MB JPG
Alright. So I'm relatively new to the whole 3D modeling thing, and I thought maybe I could receive some criticism on this render.

Program - 3DS Max
there is some noise on the cubes in the back
aside from that i guess its a good start
That was supposed to be a DOF kind of thing. I guess it does just look like noise.
Looks good. I'd tone down the reflection on the table, and the bump on it too. And the noise in the reflection, which can be solved by turning up the quality of your reflections
DOF is shit, 99.95% of the time it looks awful.

Other camera defect emulation is okay, although take it easy on chromatic aberration (not that it's present here), it's the modern day lens flare.
File: Hall3.jpg (3.45 MB, 2880x1800)
3.45 MB
3.45 MB JPG
Not OP, but why is it that DOF always looks grainy?
is that Trump ?

All it will take is one massive terrorist attack just before the election and that would become a reality. Not even Sanders would be able to beat him then.
File: fuck physics.jpg (58 KB, 622x513)
58 KB
this is impossible
Yeah, it's Trump. I made this for /pol/ but nobody is really acknowledging it.

Nah, Trump destroyed the primaries last night. He grabbed EVERY county of every state, and got all but 6 delegates. He's going to be Republican nominee, but it will be between him and Hillary
1: Get rid of the bump map completely. Its a newfag trap that sticks out as "this is a 3D render". Lower reflection value and add a specular map taken from the wood texture
2: Set a fresnal reflection on the cubes, you're viewing the tops at a low angle so It could bring out some life
3: Do not use DOF in raw renders. Export a z-depth render element and now youll have complete control in photoshop/post software
4: Reduce reflection value slightly on the base
5:If you want, setup HDRI lighting and use it as an ambient light and for reflections
File: simpleZ.jpg (25 KB, 575x431)
25 KB
Pic related is what you should be working with. Never do post work like DOF, motion blur, camera effects in your raw renders
As for your shadow thing, Im not sure whats going on but adding AO could be a temp fix

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