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What is it that makes people think they could just download some 3D package and get a job in the 3D industry the next day?

What is it that makes them think that you can learn everything involved in creating 3D artwork in literally no time and git gud?

It's way worse than in the drawing/painting field.
because of lynda and cgcookie you can actually do that

>its way worse than drawing/painting field
illustration and graphics design are more saturated
So how do you suggest people get into the field if not by teaching themselves? Not everyone has the funds for college
I'm more about the expectations they have.
You can get good at a small amount of things in a few weeks but to be really good for a job, you need to learn/train over a couple of months.

It's interesting how many think they can master shit in a week and just say fuck it after a couple of evenings using torrented software.
you need at least a year, maybe two
theres a lot of mystery around the field itself. its not as popular as the drawing community and people dont realize that there's talent involved most of the time, not just you knowing how to use the program
ive been modellin for around a year. lemme hop on pc to post some recent renders i did

What makes anyone think they can do anything professionally by just having the tools of the profession.

Kruger, meet Dunning. Dunning, Kruger.
File: 2good.jpg (205 KB, 1337x807)
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never heard of


a sculpted sphere with textures stamped onto it.
>illustration and graphics design are more saturated
But they're not saturated with 3rd worlders who work for peanuts
they are

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