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Sup 3,

What is your stl editor of choice for 3D printing? Ive seen all the links to free tools and some not-so-expensive ones but which one is easy to use, optimize the wall thickness for inner surfaces (if its adjustable), or just have good edit-ability in general?

Is blender or meshlab really that powerful? Sketchup plugins? Post your preference and experiences pls...

I will suck your dick for a thousand afterlives.
This is 3D CG m8,

Not saying no one will help you, but I don't see much related to computer generated graphics in your question.

/g/ would probably be of a better help
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I think this is more to do w 3D CAD than general tech.... i dont need to know whats new in 3D printing, but rather what programs ya'll using for optimizing 3D prints.

Do you CAD? Ever make .stls?
implying 3d printing doesn't have anything to do with 3d.
you fucking idiot.
get off this board.
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breathe nigga, relax

you do any cadding? share your preferences and/or purposes

I do cad, but export as an .OBJ then get it printed for rapid prototypes.

Works so I haven't bothered learning about file types.

Any 3D package will work if you do that, I personally use Maya. Mind you, you'll work with meshes and not CAD files with specified dimensions.

Debatable whether /3/ is about rapid prototyping and technical plans.
Im doing this for DMLS not RP

stl is more useful for this purpose (or perhabs IGES/STEP) as I am not doing multi-color layers but I havent played with that.

Regular 3D software like blender and meshlab aren't what you want then, since .obj, .fbx etc meshes aren't very accurate and past a certain point, they become sculpts which are far from easily adjusted.

Why not simply adjust the dimensions in the cad software itself ?
the point is i need an accurate way to manipulate the stl because when its created even from a perfect model it will need SOME adjustment

An .STL is pretty much an .obj file. But because it is triangulated (3DCG operated software work best with quads) then adjustments will be blobby to say the least.

3D packages (I know maya does) still support rulers etc to measure dimensions.

Also, if your STL has too many points, you'll need a sculpting software since regular viewports wouldn't handle it. There's sculptris (Free), Mudbox (free if you pretend you're a studend) and Zbrush (700$+).

Not sure if those support measure tools.
measure tools as in dimensioning?

Yes, but they are very rudimentary. You click two points in space and you get a measure. I know maya has such a tool at the very least, most should.

If you meant dimensioning as constraints, then I'm afraid not.
I use replicator g with no problems to build stl files.
I'm not sure what you mean stl editor, for modelling I use maya and for sculpting I use zbrush, both of these export obj files (make sure they're watertight) which I open in replicator g and can adjust the size, wall thickness, etc.

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