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I have a problem installing my Vray 3.2 in 3ds max 2017. When I start the program it gives me errors and it says that it isnt compatible for that version. I've been trying to install it a couple of times and the same happens with previous versions of vray. Do I have to wait for another release or is there a fix?

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2017 just fucking came out of course there's going to be issues. Honestly, what do you really NEED from 2017 that isn't in 2016 right now, especially if you're working with Vray?
- UWV unwrap by smoothing groups and MatIDs
- Nested layer visibility fix

Did you know that ray 3.3 has been out for a time already? But it's only meant to work with 2016 too.

In general, the advice I give everyone is, "Steer clear of programs whose version number ends with many zeroes" and I stand behind it. Experienced Max users are tempted to wait til Service Pack 1 for Max.

Also, if you wanna do something really crazy (until everything settles in), use this opportunity to try the ART renderer and Physical Material and see what happens. I'm a Mental Ray user myself, but I'm still itching to try ART because of this juicy-looking shader which may be even better than Mental Ray's A&D shader. Guess I'll go aquire Max 2017 now. I'll use magnets for faster aquiring.

Oh and tell us your experiences with ART if you give it a shot.

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