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Hi, I just got into 3D modelling about a month ago and I'm really loving it. This is my most recent project. What do you think /3/?

What is some advice you could give for somebody who just started modelling? What would've been something you'd wish you'd knew?
find your endgame soon as possible

if your purpose is too make high quality renderings, you are gonna spend alot of time figuring out rendering because its like a different field of expertise
if you want to model for games (real-time) then rendering shouldn't concern you
Well if you just started this isn't a bad start.
The model could use some smoothing though. Look up subdivisions and know when and where to use them appropriately. Pretty much every 3D software out there allows a mesh to be subdivided procedurally (some just simply call it "smoothing"), so learn where it is on your preferred software.

If you're going to be a good 3D artist then you better read up on rendering jargon and thoroughly perform render tests on your own time. You'll never stop learning about this. Renderers are constantly being improved, updated, and even replaced by newcomers. The Corona renderer for instance was irrelevant as fuck 2 years ago but I'm noticing more and more artists using it.

Something I wish I knew early on: 3D rendering and photography have strong correlation.
>I just got into 3D modelling about a month ago
You certainly have done pretty well.

I agree with the two posters above. Some ares do need smoothing.
But I have a feeling that you are after a Photo-realistic effect - Just out of Interest are you using Blender and cycles? . . . .If so . . . .play with the render settings (the default settings are not that hot)

I often test renderings by going into Camera view and using a small box section to perform a test render.
>[0] on numeral keypad
>[CTRL B] draw your camera area
This enables you to render sections of your stuff in super quick time, in order to get an idea.
Thank you guys, that's really helpful advice!

I wanted to start modelling because I wanted to use custom 3D graphics for web pages. But now I like the modelling part more than expected. It just feels super powerful!

I actually wanted to make it smoother, but I had already put all the parts together when I realised that. So after using the smoothing tool, the parts wouldn't match up anymore and everything looked jacked up. That's why I refrained from doing it and left it "boxy".

I am using Blender and cycles. But I definitely need to read more about render settings, because I don't really know anything about it. The only thing I changed with the settings was that I increased the "Samples" ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
fuck cycles use luxrender.

its simply better.
> use luxrender.
This appears in everythread . ..boring!
I don't give a damn if you think its boring.
impressive surely, but that doesn't mean there wasn't heavy post.

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