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I need to draw this shape in Autodesk Inventor but the only measurement given is 20mm. How do I do this?
Print it, caculate the dimension ratio and measure the rest ?

Sounds like a homework and you're not ready for that class if you ask questions like these.

Import image.
Scale image.
Make box.
Cut extrude whatever.
does inventor have a /measure tool? Just create that shape then scale it /snap to the measurement shape.
File: here_anone.jpg (65 KB, 964x745)
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The radius cannot be derived from this pic.
Here's the closet looking I've come, you can play with the height of the middle-point of the arc, but I think I've got the distance from the center to the wall as well as the distance of the remaining walls right. Of course, you can always do it better if you load the image as a background and draw it with arcs and lines and then redo it mathematically, however I'm not sure how exact you want it to be.
Those are the inner sizes, btw.
put the it face down on a scanner with a ruler. Scan it. Import image and use the ruler as reference.
I feel like this is a tracing problem.

Why aren't any of you tracing.

Just trace it.
Wow thanks senpai. I actually figured it out already but hats off to you for being so helpful.

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