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I see lots of people shitting on 3DCG animated series like FF7 advent children and RWBY, but I've always thought 3DCG looked really nice. What are your favorite 3DCG movies?
I still can't forget the Final Fantasy movie I saw in 2001. It was like the first realistic CGI movie I saw. Thinking back I think it might be what inspired me to start 3D.
Appleseed alpha was pretty dank visually

btw rwby is pure shit.
Watched many of them as reference studying what's being done and how. Not come across one that I actually enjoyed as a movie.
They are like these long cutscenes from a game with semi shitty (to very shitty) plots and cheesy staging and dialogue.

RWBY is of course cringe tier 'western-weeb' derivative of the worst kind of anime.
It's what happens when someone who lacks references from outside manga/anime attempts to tell a story.
And the animation quality is shit.
That movie was a fun watch.
RWBY just uses poser and is rendered in fulbright. It's a shit example.
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I always thought the GI Joes Spy Troops movie was pretty fun. It's been a while since I've seen it but I liked the application of 3d animation to a fast paced action formula.

And the Final Fantasy movies were pretty boss too.
muh nig spy troops
Not a movie, but I think the clone wars series was pretty spiffy. The style got better over time as well.
I remember watching on megavideo an anime movie called "malice doll", the CG was pretty dated even back then, but the concept was interesting (robot hookers) so I didn't mind the horror.
If the mainstream teach us to cover the lack of contents with pretty so it's must
Be true the opposite.
If this answer to your question.
I've never watched more than 2 minute of rwby, but every time i see parts of it, i'm reminded i made the correct choice. Nothing about this gif is made well. Horrible animation, horrible visual quality, horrible camera position.
keep watching
No. It's weeb trash with poor quality.
what kind of "quality" stuff do u like
top kek
4chan is an 18+ site
im 33, whats your point
Fucking basement dwelling weeabos
go back to /a/
I like a lot of cgi movies.

Monty opened my heart to 3D with Haloid and Dead fantasy when they were first released

My hero is dead.

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