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any quick hint to recreate this effect?
i'm using c4d

deformer, push letter through plane thats textured with stripes. animate it. render it
im having trouble with that. i have the surface deformer on my plane and align the letter somewhere within the plane but the result is just some weird shape.
would you mind sharing the steps a bit more specific?
Maybe try displacement.
hm i cant seem to figure it out..
File: This is how to.png (758 KB, 800x600)
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Make displacement texture, put it to planar, make a displacement deformer and put the seperate displacement textur on the deformer, texture the cube with seperate texture.

If it's too jaggy edged for you crank up the subs on the cube.

Addition: you also have to keyframe the deformer.
thanks, perfect!! youre the best
File: gibbeCinema4D.png (25 KB, 564x450)
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No Problem :3

Another small tip: If you blurr the edges of your texture in Photoshop you also get smoother edges.
Dont want to open a new thread to ask another c4d related question so I am doing it here:
Is it possible to make realistic looking human skin material in c4d? If yes could you tell me how or link a good a tutorial? All I find with google gave me shit results.
You have to use an renderer like Vray, Arnold etc.
The implemented SSS is only good enough for materials and cartony characters.

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