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File: rm.png (309 KB, 1366x768)
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Hi. a 3d amateur here.

So I was modeling a human and now to the point of elbows and knees.

I was wondering I am doing ok here or is there a better method of modeling the knees and elbows?
You should just sculpt detail like that. The arm should just be a bendy tube that you apply a normal map to. There is a debate as to whether muscle based loops like you have done or the bendy straw method is best.
there is no rule,just have enough at deformation areas
Doesn't look like a good method, made a bunch of poles at a spot that will see a lot of deformation. I just add a few extra loop cuts at the knees and elbows, it'll give you enough faces if you want to make the elbow more apparent.
yes it's fine

plebs don't know what they're talking about.

This is fine. Those poles won't do a damn thing.
Retards just like to think pole + deformation = definitely going to shade poorly. This isn't true until you skin the model and test deformation. It is very rarely an issue.

Show me one video game that uses this technique. Poles are also terrible for sculpting.
File: 1.png (319 KB, 1366x768)
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319 KB PNG

I dont know what poles are. I am just quite following the Rather human modeling tutorial.

So any pointers or tips or lessons would be greatly appreciated

For now, this is what I have done, critiques?
File: 2.png (288 KB, 1366x768)
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288 KB PNG
top view of it
hand topology.

I know I messed up since I dont think its natural, please help
File: 3.png (281 KB, 1366x768)
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281 KB PNG
File: 4.png (287 KB, 1366x768)
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File: 5.png (275 KB, 1366x768)
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File: 6.png (275 KB, 1366x768)
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File: 7.png (292 KB, 1366x768)
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File: arms.jpg (423 KB, 1964x975)
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This is what I mean by bendy tube. Modeling in features wont work because the mesh will look wrong. It's best to have the silhouette correct then sculpt on top of that.
File: 113.png (415 KB, 758x845)
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415 KB PNG
joining this thread.
can anyone tip me on this one
File: シャーロッテ.png (694 KB, 540x960)
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694 KB PNG
i am modelling too.
but i feel so troublesome for conbining model with swimsute.
File: help.png (383 KB, 1130x845)
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383 KB PNG

I can see that you know what you're doing but that you lack experience.

red: These give the eyecorners detail. Should follow sideways all through the ear and around the back of the head.

green: jawline and loop around ear.

purple: walk straight over the head from front to back. they are on a 90 degree angle with the mouth loops. you could use some more density as well for more detailed nose/brows and lips.

blue: this is the way you loop around the mouth area.

orange: need a loop around the mouth seperate from the blue loop to define area between nose and toplip but you seem to have figured this one out already.

all these loops can be divided into as many as you need to make the detail you need.

The cheek area between the red/green/blue is where it doesn't really matter that much and where you try to dump all your loop connections(vertexs with more than 4 edges)

hope it helps. Topo is hard but you're definitely on the right track.
iv seen people advocating the green line before
but from examples iv seen everyone has their own guidelines
the question is should you use much as possible guidelines
Any tips for modeling the groin, butt, and hip region? The entire bottom half of the torso gives me problems with thinking that things aren't quite right or could just be better.
From my experience the green line makes sense for jaw deformation.
Different characters ask for different emphasis on guidelines. Orcs have these wide mouths that need specific mouthloops and make the cheek topology completely different.
A character with a huge nose might need a lot of the purple and blue lines.
File: hed1.png (300 KB, 1366x768)
300 KB
300 KB PNG
Im the OP again. I made an ear, but having a hard time to connect it back to the head.

someone suggested to me that I just put it on like the pic. Is it acceptable?

I am doing the 3d model for a game
Get rid of that extrude now

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