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What program do you use for viewing your BVH mocap files?
Every one i've tried kind of sucks, like no support for quickly browsing through tons of files in one directory.
Pixar doesn't use mocap.
cinema 4d has a player for that
Motionbuilder ftw
There are no free motion capture solutions available on this planet.
So why should anyone who doesn't own a big video game company care about how to view mocap files?

I've been wanting to use my Kinect for motion capturing for a very long time. But there is simply no software available that isn't a money sink / semi-scam.
Or is there?
Yeah, I hear you about that. Cheapest I know about is Brekel pro body v1 for the original Kinect which is $79. I tried pro body v2 with the new Kinect and while it was nice and responsive, it would get confused when you would cross your arms or if one leg went in front of the other. So if you want to use a prop when motion capturing, you will have to clean up those parts in post which kind of almost defeats the purpose of the program.

Got tired of trying out all kinds of random software so I bought a Perception Neuron 32 sensor suit with my tax return and a cheap wireless router to do wireless motion capture and it has been amazing so far. The Axis Neuron Pro software that is used with the suit is really good even though it's still better to use Motion Builder to clean up the data which is very good.

There is also an 18 sensor suit available for $999 on their site. I got my 32 sensor suit for $1,200 by using an .edu email to make the order. Regular price of the 32 sensor suit is $1,499.

So yeah, there really isn't a free solution out there which sucks. Now facial motion capture, that's something I need to complete the whole setup and be able to make a possible mini series for Youtube or something.
I did a bit of research today after wring my post (>>521710) and came across this Unity asset called Cinema Mocap 2:

It seems to be working fine with both Kinect v1 and v2 and comes at a reasonable price. Installing Unity for it (if you haven't already) should also not be a problem.
It has a built in animation smoothing functionality and an exporter for Maya and Blender.
Looks like I'll be using this.

My second choice would have been Brekel Pro Body v2.
Hmmm... That looks pretty good. Seems you can export the animation data over to maya or blender too. Not bad. I wonder if it has the same problems as Brekel Pro Body 2.

I just wish I could find a reasonably cheap markerless facial motion capture program. Been looking around and found Dynamixyz. They offer a free trial version of their software which seems to let you use regular cams like PS Eye or similar high frame rate cameras. I might fill out the form and ask for a trial license and report back here in the future or make a new post about it.

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