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Hi /3/,
I saw pic related the other day and started wondering is it enough if you have a mouse with a lot of buttons and different functions assigned to them or a Wacom is the way to go?
I know Wacom is used for sculpting and sketching and shit but is it a good tool while modeling?
>modeling with a pen
are you daft?
Tools don't make the artist. Honestly, Michelangelo could sculpt the same things with a scapel ducttaped to his dick.

Sculptor here. Tried modeling with a pen, it's shite. This is why I do low poly in Zbrush now.
That's why I'm asking, he still needed scapel.
I wouldn't call someone who does low poly on Zbrush a sculptor. Please don't listen to this idiot.

Do you like to sketch OP? Sculpting on Zbrush with sketching approach almost always 99% done with a tablet.
And to answer your question, modeling with a tablet is about 25% faster and more accurate for me.

You appear to be the idiot. I make low poly models using zmodeler or dynamesh then add subdivisions later and sculpt on them. The point I was making is it's easier to polymodel in zbrush with a pen than it is in a 3d program.
What are the facilities that gives a tablet that doesn't give you a mouse with a shitload of buttons?
The cheapest $8, three-button mouse for Maya. Cintiq for sculpting in ZBrush.
Don't you people use the keyboard?

I have 3 mouse with a shit load of buttons and I still use the keyboard more.

The tablet is good on the wrist and with practice you can rip through work quicker. That is why some of us use it over the mouse. I swap between the two.

I use my mouse more for navigating engines now than work
that depends on the program now

some apps have nice modeling flow with a pen. Maya xsi I and blender does
I have a gaming mouse with 7 buttons and programmable profiles.
It makes my workflow faster because i use it in combination with keyboard shortcuts and i have to press less buttons.
I am witching between Pen and mouse regularly depending on what i want to do.
>cintiq for zbrush

get real. cintiqs are for drawing and painting. a $100 wacom or monoprice tablet is all you need for sculpting

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