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This is always in the back of my mind, but I suppress it. Burned in the irises of my eyes are people modeling organic objects in Maya or Blender.

Tutorials that have thousands of views, but the person always doesn't know basic human form, anatomy, or proportion. In the comments are arguments about why Blender is good.

There's thousands of people this very moment doing organic by polymodeling.

Think about this; there are dozens of people making tutorials for how to make a person in Blender as you are reading this.

There are people who are box modeling humans in the WIP threads at this moment.

Why? That's the word that's been creeping in my mind. I feel physically affected by this, and some might even say "triggered".

Why is the epidemic growing?

There is more tutorials on polymodelling because people tend to start with polymodelling and so that is what they know best.

I started with polymodelling as the sticky told me to start with polymodelling.

Also, its pretty hard how to get better at character art. Polymodelling is a lot easier than sculpting with decent anatomy.
Polymodelling is a lot easier than sculpting with decent anatomy.
no its not, its just that sculpting skills are different and its like learning a new thing.
polymodeling is slow
File: pieceofcrap.jpg (531 KB, 1920x1080)
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I mean if you aren't good enough, what's wrong with making a base with poly modeling and then sculpting in the details?

For example this is my first sculpt of a human and my second sculpt overall and i wasn't happy with it at all.
you have zsphere and zsketch

I wish polymodelling would die off for organics. People spend hours on end manipulating verticies when they could be actually improving anatomical knowledge in a sculpting program. Topology will not teach you about anatomy it should always be the last concern.
I cant afford zbrush and I want to distribute my models.

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