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Any opinion on this ?
I'm searching for a similar software where I can do some 3D modeling from my drawings.
>3d modeling from drawing
are you going to use the model in a 3d game or are you going to manipulate the model to do 2d animatioms?
3D game
Forgot to say it's the first time I come on this board so I have no idea of which softwares are known or not or wich one are shit.
if you're just going to use the image as a.reference, then any 3D DCC will do. Live2d is mostly for making 2d animations or at least thats what it is mainly advertised for.
What I truelly want is to create a 3D model that I can export to another engine like Unity and use to create a video game.
then you need a dcc/cad. go to the catalog and read the sticky. As for which one is best, you'll have to experiment and decide. Blender is good if you dont want to pay for anything but gui is hard to use and takes time to master. You also need to pay attention to what versipn of blender is being used in a tutorial as things change between each update.
Yeah but the interesting thing that lead me to Live2d is that it was all made by drawing.
That's something similar I'm searching for if there's such a thing.
I wasnt aware of Live2ds Euclid function until now but i dont think there are other tools that scan a 2d picture and make a complete 3d model with it. So if you insist on NOT learning to model then go ahead and try Live2d.

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