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File: Rigging.jpg (141 KB, 897x419)
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What do you prefer out of these 3? Or is there any more?

So far I only used biped but I was curious to what advantages and disadvantages the other technics had in comparison.

Since I only used one of them (and even then rather basic, like the planted and sliding keys, plus some curve editing) I dont know on what it lacks either.

I have a very basic character to rig and animate and I wanted to know more about the subject before starting the process. I tried googling it but didnt see much talk around it or the ones that I did seemed way more advanced.

I also never used Maya, always heard it was better for animating, I dont know if its a good idea to model and texture in 3ds max (its all very simple stuff) then export it to maya.
File: Tesste4.webm (1.43 MB, 1000x562)
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1.43 MB WEBM
The animation in this clip is as far as I have got with a biped (not the character I am going to animate now).

There are some things that I still dont know how to handle well, for example, even though the sword is attached to his hand when he is holding it there isnt any constraint to make the sword look like its actually in the belt so there is some floating that I had to animate manually (still wasnt final but it wouldnt look that great either)

You can have different constraints with different weights in max. You can have the sword constrained to the belt & the hand, and then animate the weight between the two.
Thanks. The clip was just to show how much I currently know about bipeds. I will look into that one day when I get back to that animation.

Still, what about the other systems? What could be the best suited for walking around a scene and doing acrobatics?
I use bones for just about everything. Have better control and can do specific things really well with my rigs. I will use biped for quick and dirty tests, or if I need rando background chars. I keep a bone rig handy that I will merge, adjust, and skin so I don't have to build from scratch. CAT I have not really used at all so I can't comment on it. I guess if something works well, why change it, but if it speeds stuff up and allows the same flexibility, maybe should give it a shot.
Biped is a complete and utter piece of shit. Buuuuut I'm guessing you aren't talking production quality.
Biped is great once you learn to follow it's workflow. Cat is a great contender.. Meaning I wish they would steal more shit from biped and add to cat. Bones will always be best if you know to code your own rigs to get the best out of it.
Much better to create rigs from scratch and build up a library of scripts to automate various processes in your own workflow. I can't stand biped or CAT or any of the other full auto rig kits available.

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