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Heya, /3/.

I've been an on-again-off-again user in the 3d world, dating way back to 3ds max 6. By no means am I any good. I've just been messing with modeling for years with no real commitment, which has slowly been changing this year. I recently stumbled across Modo, but since I'm not really part of any 3d communities, I'm curious what the general take on Modo is. I saw some pretty neat stuff with it, but people have been making miracles with even the crummiest of software and making it look easy.

Any users out there? What do you think? Would you consider the workflow for hard surface modeling any better than Max for someone who hasn't really put in tons of effort thus far into Max and as such has some leeway to move to a different software package?
its only good if heavily modded with scripts.

My advice : use zmodeller until a good VR modeller comes out.
it's good

>Would you consider the workflow for hard surface modeling any better than Max


it takes longer to git gud though

I use max and Modo

If you don't heavily use the stack in max its fine to switch to.

It doesn't have splines really and I think the material editor in max is better. The next edition is going to be game focused and should bring a lot of improvements.
Got modo indie a few months ago.
Former Maya modeler.
I'll never go back to Maya for modeling and Uving has always been a gift in Maya (although I heard they improved it now).

I only use maya for rendering, because modo indie doesn't allow plugins (v-ray).
>VR modeller
The stupidest thing I've read all week.
Modelling in VR is far better than the 2D you're accustomed to.
I got a license for free and tried it out for a month or so, I think it's good. I do prefer blender though. Some stuff in MODO was really buggy or slow that worked perfectly 10 times out of 10 in blender.

The tools to create smooth surface transitions and that kind of stuff were better in MODO than anything else I've used, though.

I think navigation (moving/zooming/rotating of camera as well as objects when manipulating) is better in blender and maya than in MODO, but you get used to it.
you don't have to.
The first thing to turn off in Modo is that atrocious trackball rotation modus in 3D viewport properties. You could also change to C4D or Maya viewport navigation.
I think it's cool how they gave Modo 9 indie users Modo 10 for free.
>modo 10
please elaborate.

Trash comment

Give info - clarify your response or go back to /b
Have any guides or recommended tutorials for it? Only found really basic stuff, I'm sort of stuck.

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