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Newfag to /3/, wont be long, sorry.

I like to paint, but I am shit at drawing. I would like to find a program that most easily lets me set up scenes I can screencap and trace onto a canvas, simple like al la pic related for example.

I dont need all the bells and whistles of the high tier programs. Really I just want a pose-able human reference, and the ability to place simple blocks/walls near it, so i can know how to draw my perspectives properly.

things im looking for
-good freeflying camera (with zoom and ability to change FOV angle).
-has default human models
-easy to place and pose simple 3d props and actors

Sorry for taking time on your board, I'll be thankful for any help I receive.

>I read the sticky but all those seemed to be for serious 3d modelers. I just want low poly poses.
you'll never draw perspective properly while looking at a 2d source image
Use a scultping program like Zbrush or Mudbox.
Im certain both come with a default human model but not rigged (poseable)
Its good for beginners too since you dont need to worry about topology
File: StarTrek_Arena-1940x1455.jpg (524 KB, 1940x1455)
524 KB
524 KB JPG
I could literally trace this image(for example) and get the perspective right. If i recreated it in 3d, I could take a screencap from any perspective and still get it right. I paint alright, im just no good at the other stuff, so I have trouble translating my ideas to the canvas.

thank you, will look at those.
2bh you'd better learn drawing with real life reference, but you'll find what you're looking for in basically any 3d package with the exception of default rigged humans, which you can find on the net with various degrees of quality (usually not that great, but sufficient if you intend to use them just for reference)
What Op is looking for is Poser and DAZ. Never thought the day would come I actually recommended that shit to anyone.
exactly this

daz is free comes with default models and what not, should be perfect for what op wants.
Thank you both. I will look into those.

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