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In the tutorial video, he moves the vertices as on the left. When I try on the right, I get these overlapping faces behind the ear. What am I doing wrong?
I wouldn't have a clue about blender but it's probaly to do with your selecting the other side.

Can you turn on backface culling?
It's a mirrored cube, so there isn't another side.

I tried turning on backface culling like you suggested, but it didn't seem to have an effect.
You're creating a non manifold quad. it looks exactly how it should look. it's showing you the fold through the quad. Just ignore it for now; i'm sure the tut goes through some clean up to fix that quad.
The tutorial doesn't go back to this part, it just shows a quick time lapse of rearranging verts. I really want to know why my quad is non manifold and his isn't. Could it be my settings or something? This is like step one of a really long tutorial and I already messed it up.
don't bother following box modeling tutorials for modeling heads. it's a completely inappropriate approach for heads
Do you have a suggestion for a better method?

try this one
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not op here, this guy sounds like prismo
good tuts tho thx

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