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File: problem.png (75 KB, 1131x534)
75 KB
Hi anons, i've got a problem while modeling in Maya. Straigh to the point, how can i solve this wireframe issue in this image? Next to the hole, the wireframe is weird, like smashed.

Any hints? Tips? I tried using the sculpt tool, using relax brush, but still....
OP, without a doubt, we could help if you posted the actual wireframe.
File: wireframe.png (98 KB, 1125x535)
98 KB

Ok, sorry. Here it is the actual wireframe of the object. But i think with the wireframe it will be harder to notice the problem. Like i said, you can see that the wireframe is somehow smashed..
OP Here, another thing i wanted to say is that i'm probably being perfect minimalist trying to do a perfect 3D model without a few problems, but still is there a cool way to prevent these weird wireframe deformation?

Those are poles, and they inherently don't smooth well. Or sculpt, for that matter.
File: 1448743760271.jpg (23 KB, 352x395)
23 KB
they sculpt fine. I used to make mistakes like you and op are currently making - trying to go for extreme precision. I just wasted a lot of time.

If I want perfect circles I use CAD. If I want to sculpt artistically I dont worry about what op is experiencing.

They don't react well to smoothing at all.
Check for open seams in the mesh.

Sorry for my ignorance, but what is this CAD youre talking about?

For this circle in my model i used a script, its really cool but sometimes it doesnt do the job.

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