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What do you think guys? good deal for a dual Xeon 2670 build?
Enjoy your power bill, I guess.
At least it's not a Xeon 5000 series.
is it okay for what i want to do though?
I have no fucking idea what you want to do.
Since you're going with the highest core count you possibly can for this platform, I can only guess that you want to render shit on CPU.

I also have no idea what motherboard that is, but it doesn't actually matter anyhow.

forgot to add this lol, and yes I was going to use it for rendering and simulations.
Honestly if I was being a maximum core whore and didn't give a shit about GPUs, I would buy a used Supermicro or Dell 4U/5U.

But for a poorfag build I don't see anything wrong with it.
Keep in mind that this motherboard is the EE-ATX form factor, so you might have difficulty (i.e. impossible) finding a case for it that isn't balls to the wall expensive (Supermicro, Dell), unless you literally want to hang this shit on a board on a wall.
According to dells website and some other places I looked, its actually just ATX
ATX is more than a form factor specification.
And it's definitely not ATX sized.

ATX also refers to the electrical compatibility of power supplies.
This is E-ATX-sized, and should make it much easier to find a case for.

Incidentally it also has a shitload of PCI-E 3.0 x16 slots if you want to gayme.

This board supports SLI (the one above doesn't):
I would also suggest just buying a server, go for Supermicro. I did a hell of a lot of research a few months back for this exact kinda build and discovered that there was no easy way for me to buy the individual parts cheaper than just buying a complete used server. I ended up with a dual 2670 box with 64gb ram and no hdd for about 700. Threw a 1tb WD black in there and now I use it to render stuff in 3dsmax 2013/mentalray. It does take some power, but goddamn it's fast.

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