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File: 1436872977817.jpg (24 KB, 385x385)
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can you guys give a list of zbrush sculpts goals from extreme basic up until anime waifus?

I'm trying to make a waifu but I suck.
File: 1439409587417.jpg (200 KB, 1920x1080)
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Do what I did. Start extremely low poly. It's important to correct topology where appropriate to maximize the potential your low poly sculpt. Refine the silhouette one subdivision level at a time, starting with big details to smaller ones as you work up. And of course, use a good concept to follow b/c if you're like me, your imagination is shit.

Also: >>518028
For anime waifus, I think I'd personally not go for sculpting but for polygonal modelling with subsurfs.

With sculpting, it would be hard to prevent them from ending up uncannily realistic/detailed-looking -- at least from my experience with sculpting.

But then, I'm no expert on anime waifus.
>I'm trying to make a waifu but I suck.

that's because sculpting isn't like assembling a toy
for things that resemble 2D in 3D environment you should have strong 2D and 3D skills because much of the detail is projected through painting
I don't think ZBrush is the right tool for this.

ZBrush's strength lies in sculpting and you are better off box modelling (or vertex if you prefer).

Blender is free, you would be better off using that.
File: La puta banana.1.png (764 KB, 800x533)
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764 KB PNG
ok, so I decided to make something easy as practice.

Modeled a basic banana in zbrush, made also a normal map then.

Then texture painted on mudbox.

Then I took the normal map and the difuse on Keyshot and this is what I got.

I'm sure it looks nice and I'm amazed I was able to make something that looks like AAA (lol).

But I feel something is missing.

Do I need to make a custom material on substance designer?

What else is missing?
try using other brushes like flatten,trim etc.
for a banana you could polymodel it
File: mouthcast.jpg (528 KB, 1546x1214)
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528 KB JPG
Classical sculptors are trained on cast drawings and sight size method.

All you need to do to get good is put a solid year of training so that you can copy casts.

The atelier that I study at got me to start on a nose, then mouth, then ear, then eye.

You break up some complex anatomy into something simple so you can study it in detail and you focus just on that detail.

So instead of trying to sculpt a whole body and have it bad, you would just do a torso, then maybe a leg without the feet, then maybe feet, then maybe a hand.

OP you could maybe just study low poly, but even Japanese people are learning zbrush.
File: 1441062567641.jpg (16 KB, 350x197)
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>All you need to do to get good is put a solid year of training so that you can copy casts.
>The atelier that I study at got me to start on a nose, then mouth, then ear, then eye.

This is indeed the way it's classically done, but it is a horrible practice. You can always tell when a sculptor was classically trained
in this manner when they make a likeness supposed to be someone and they have the same idealized arc's for eyes etc that no living person really have.

It teaches you a process for creating a eye-like, nose-like, mouth-like shape for commercial purposes, not how to replicate any shape as it really exists.

Most foundational courses are 1 year of 7 hours of classes a day. OP could do that he probably spends 7 hours a day masturbating to anime like most weebo do.


> Great sculptors been trained in this method for hundred of years from Michangelo to Dumont. Somehow this method is bad.

Some classical sculpts are really idealize, but most of them aren't. Also, OP wants to do anime sculpts so he should learn some classical idealization.

OP, could slave away doing Japanese anime sculpt with bad anatomy. Or he could get good by learning from the greats than after the year do some Japanese weebo crap.
File: 1447558142828.jpg (8 KB, 229x200)
8 KB
>classical idealization.
File: AnimeGarbage.jpg (69 KB, 670x637)
69 KB


Do these in zbrush. You don't even need to learn Japanese as it mostly pictures.
File: headsculpts.jpg (389 KB, 1455x943)
389 KB
389 KB JPG
Michelangelo and scores of celebrated renaissance artists are just as guilty of this.
Use your eyes and you'll realize Michelangelo was basically a weeb, but instead of being a japanophile he was an ancient greekophile, as where all his peers.

Just look at this shit, can you tell what sculpts was based on a living person, and what sculpts was derived from a sculpt of what might just have been a living person?
How would an alien rate these sculpts that had no preconception about what was a grand legacy or the work of a celebrated artist?
And don't get me started on the faceplant nose of classical genius.

For the record the body of David is the work of a great artist, the face of David is the work of a artist crippled by his own training.
File: 1396576294324.png (75 KB, 211x173)
75 KB
>How would an alien rate these sculpts
>How would an alien rate these sculpts
stopped reading here

Well a person who lived under a rock then and where clueless about art history. You guys need to work on your imagination.
3rd from left on bottom is Olivia Wilde isn't it? Recognized that ultra box jaw right away. She looks like a goddamn ayyy lmao.
Yeah, it's her digital stunt double from tron legacy.

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