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I took a few classes over this program in high school, and I really enjoyed them.

But is the program even good for anything?
Its good for inventing
It's great for industrial design, mechanical engineering, and everything else that requires super precise tools and generate data analysis. If you're building a turbine or an engine, Inventor it has the tools to calculate everything you need to manufacture such objects. Its a bit overkill to use it for simple objects unless your approach is to build something you can then patent.
best user interface in a cad as far as i know.
had catia - was okay, hat proE/creo - was a user interface desaster.
inventor is also best bang for the buck, as far as i know, but the new licensing is really shit - i wanna own the tools i use and not rent them, to loos the abillity to open my own files, when i dont pay the rent...
renting software is shit. plain and simple.

inventor has its limits on larger assemblies - catia and proE/Creo handle complex geometry faster and they have more features and functions, if you really pay hard...

inventor has a very easy to use api, which makes it very customizable. and there is a very good community, very open and accessable - almost no subscribers only shit...

design engineer and cad-admin here...


I just wish you could reverse the wheel scroll zoom direction. It's the opposite of all other software.

on inventor? you can, google it, son!

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